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Domestic Violence Victims Lose in Latest Budget Battle

by Camille Hankins (Class of 2013)

Photo credit: http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2011/10/12/topeka-kansas-domestic

Domestic violence victims are being used as pawns in the most recent budget fights in Topeka, Kansas. The city repealed its domestic violence law on October 11 so that city funds would no longer be used to pay for the prosecution of people charged with domestic violence.

City Council members argue that this change would only mean that people charged with domestic violence would be prosecuted by the District Attorney instead of the city, but since the budget battles began, eighteen people have been arrested on domestic violence charges were subsequently released because no agency would accept their case.

Listen up, Topeka—you can’t let perpetrators of domestic violence walk free just because you don’t want to devote city funds to prosecuting them. People who experience domestic violence need protection, not to be used in an unconscionable game of chicken. A person who makes a man, women, or child feel unsafe in their own home should never walk free because of a dysfunctional bureaucracy.




by Camille Hankins (Class of 2013)

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