The Visit.



On behalf of Oxford College of Emory University, we want to extend a heartfelt congratulation to you on your admission! We have enjoyed five months reading applications and have selected you because your application stood out among many. You are impressive!  We would be fortunate to welcome your brains and talent to our Oxford College Class of 2018!

It seems you’re already well-versed in Oxford and Emory facts and figures, as noted in your thoughtful essay on “Why Emory University” is right for you. You’re probably well aware of the offerings at Oxford and that we host many special events and guests on campus each year.

Emory University has had the honor of hosting His Holiness the Dalai Lama on several occasions. Because he is such an esteemed guest, Emory promotes the event under the simple title, “The Visit.” It is an event like no other and the university prepares for months to celebrate his presence on campus.

In a similar way, we plan for months to celebrate your admission to Oxford College and prepare for your visit to campus. We design Preview Days in April to showcase what Oxford can offer you. We want this visit to give you the opportunity to envision yourself as a member of our Emory community at Oxford. We stress the importance of visiting campus because it gives you the truest sense of your “fit” at Oxford.

During Preview Day, you will meet students who might become your classmates and roommates. You will meet faculty members who may be teaching you your first college course. You’ll eat a meal in the dining hall where you might spend quality time bonding with fellow Oxford students. You will see a dorm room where you might pull your first “all-nighter” studying for exams. And if I may be so bold—you will meet the lovely Admission staff person whom you wooed with your stellar application!

We look forward to meeting you and we hope that you will consider Oxford as your new home!

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Maddie Monahan: A Past & Present Love of Oxford

As my 30-year Oxford College reunion quickly approaches, I’m amazed at how long Emory has been a part of my life.  As a 1984 Oxford and 1986 Emory College graduate, 12- year Oxford Admission Counselor and current 7-year Emory College Admission Counselor, Emory and I have been attached at the hip for a long time.   As I recall my Oxford experiences 30 years ago, they are some of the same experiences that students talk about today: intimate classroom environments where you’re encouraged to express your opinions, leadership opportunities that allow you to shine and put your best foot forward, and faculty interactions that enable you to get to know faculty on both an academic and personal level (imagine playing a pick-up tennis match with your History professor two weeks into your freshman year…that’s exactly what happened to me…and I won!), and, finally, 900 amazing classmates who you’ll befriend and keep in touch with as all of you automatically continue to Emory’s main campus in Atlanta for the last two years of your Emory experience, friends that you’ll ultimately have for life.  If you want that type of environment for the first two years of your Emory experience, then Oxford College may just be the place for you.

As myself and my colleagues at Oxford and Emory College colleagues are in the throes of reading thousands of applicants to Emory, (by the way, we don’t read “applications” at Emory…we read “applicants,” i.e. real people), I am constantly reminded about how important the right “FIT” is in the college search process.   To have one university with two very unique options for entering freshmen is unheard of today.  Even more unique is the fact that at the heart of this major research university is the liberal arts. You don’t know how many times that I’ve seen parents and students leave campus with huge smiles on their faces when they learn that they can still major in Music or Philosophy and still be admitted to Medical School, or that Emory graduates gain employment easily with an English or History major….any combination of interests is encouraged here.  College is the place to follow your passion, it’s the place to explore, it’s the place where you will transform the most in just four years– Emory embodies all of this and more.

Thirty years ago, I was student at Oxford College.  I struggled in Calculus but made A’s in English. I didn’t like Geography, but learned to love Psychology.  I was asked to be an Intramurals leader because someone noticed I liked sports, and was chosen as a Spanish tutor because a teacher thought I spoke and wrote Spanish well.   Oxford offered me the chance to do it all, and I took the plunge…and made the biggest splash of my life.

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Meet Abbie Cariker, Oxford Sophomore & Goizueta Applicant

abbieHello all! I’m Abbie Cariker, a sophomore from O’Fallon, IL.  Aside from the small class sizes and true sense of community, one of the great things I’ve come to love about Oxford is the opportunity students have to get involved and really contribute to the campus. Outside of the classroom, I devote my time to a few groups that have made my experience at Oxford the best I could have imagined.  As a tour guide, I get the unique experience of contributing to the future community of Oxford College—one that you could be a part of! Each person I take on a tour brings a new culture, identity, and set of experiences; each conversation is unique. I love getting to meet all of you, learning a little about who you are, sharing why I love Oxford and how you would love it too. I also am a member of Oxford’s a capella group, Oxapella (check out our YouTube Channel!) as well as the Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Business Club.  Oxford has given me two great years of challenging and thought provoking classes, professors who challenge and inspire me intellectually, new cultural experiences, amazing friends, and many, many memories. I will be sad to leave Oxford in May; however, I am excited and anxious to continue my Emory education at (hopefully, *finger’s crossed*) Emory’s Goizueta Business School!

In high school, I frequented many Math Team competitions and competed in multiple FIRST Robotics Competitions. I’ve always loved working with numbers and making relationships with people, so I knew pursuing business would allow me to fuse the two. If you’re like me and are hoping to study business, Emory’s definitely the place for you! It has consistently been ranked as one of the top undergraduate business programs in the country and has one of the highest employment rates after graduation. Being located in Atlanta also introduces benefits for networking, job shadowing, and the ultimate goal of any BBA student—an internship. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend two years at this place?  ( )  Goizueta not only prepares its students for the workplace, but also teaches each student how to interview properly, work with other people, communicate in the business world, and provides the necessary tools to be successful in all aspects of life.

I will submit my application to Goizueta in less than two weeks, and I am definitely feeling the pressure to get it completed soon! Luckily for me, Oxford does an excellent job in preparing students for all pre-professional programs, the business school in particular. Although all Emory students have the same application and pre-requisite courses to complete, those at Oxford tend to have a leg up on the essay. It basically asks you to describe your contribution to the Emory University community. Oxford students have the opportunity to lead, work and contribute in a way most other students cannot. We are presidents, treasurers, supervisors, coordinators, club founders, and teaching assistants among other things. Community contribution is what we do best, and is exactly what Goizueta is looking for. Of course, don’t forget about your grades; they’re important too! But, also remember that it takes personality and experience in addition to smarts in order to land the job after an interview; Goizueta is the same way.

I’m definitely nervous about my application to the Business School, but I am excited to submit it and wait for the results. With the anxiety of the application off my plate, I will be able to relax and focus on enjoying my final months as an Oxford student.  Trust me, you won’t apprehend how truly special this place is until you realize you’re about to leave it. Oxford has prepared me immensely for the next two years of my life, and I look forward to what Emory University has yet to teach me.

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The JRC’s Most Beloved Resident Calls Oxford Home

OchoHello everyone! My name is Stephen Deaderick and I am one of four Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) at Oxford as well as the Diversity Coordinator for campus. I oversee the Jolley Residential Center (JRC), which is comprised of Bonnell, Dickey, Dowman, and Stone halls. The JRC and Oxford have become my new home, complete with fun, friends, and all the chaos that it entails. The first time I came to Oxford was in 2007 during my sophomore year at Emory University. I was in the Emory Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra and we came here to perform. “No way could I ever live here!” I thought to myself as my friends and I walked through the dining hall and realized we could see all of campus from anywhere we stood on the quad. Flash forward to 2010 when I was job searching after completing my M.Ed. in Student Affairs at UCLA. I saw the RLC job posting and decided to apply for it, even though I had already sworn off working in housing or residence life. Well, as you can probably tell, I got the job and took it. I have called Oxford home since July 2010 and regret the immediate assumption I made about this place back in 2007. Whether or not you have the chance to visit campus, I hope that you, too, will one day call Oxford home. Living on campus in the residence hall with the students certainly has its ups and downs, but I have really enjoyed all that it has given me. If Oxford is your future home, you will come to love three things about this place: the people, the places, and the events.


As I’m sure you already know, Oxford is a small school. You will get to know other people and you will get to know them well. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of such a tightknit community. Get to know your roommate, your peers, your professors, and the staff on campus. Everyone has a story and a unique background and you never know what you will find by simply having a conversation with someone here. From the custodial staff to the faculty, everyone here is part of this wonderfully friendly Oxford family. When I look around at my 250 residents, I see people from all over the world, from different religious backgrounds, and from different cultures coming together to create this vibrant community. I am so lucky to get to experience residential living again for a lot of reasons, but one of the best reasons is that I can connect with students on a much deeper level and see the relationships they create with their hallmates.


Everyone has their favorite spot on campus and you’ll find yours too. Maybe you like going for walks in the woods, or enjoy studying in Seney as you overlook the whole quad. There are so many amazing spaces and buildings on Oxford’s campus and luckily you have two years to enjoy them all. The new library provides you with a bright and open place to study, and the spaces in our residence halls allow people to come together while playing ping pong, watching a movie, cooking, and so much more. I am biased of course, but I do love the JRC. It will soon be the only residence hall located directly on the quad and it has the charm of an old college building with modern amenities inside (we are still in the process of renovating parts of it).


There is always something to do on campus here! The one piece of advice I tell all of my students is to take advantage of the clubs, programs, and events going on. Yes, you are here to study and be a student first and foremost, but the times you are going to remember are going to be those things that take place outside of the classroom. The RAs (there is one on every floor) are charged with creating monthly social and educational programs in the residence halls for their residents. It might be a movie night, an alcohol awareness program with the Health Educator, or cooking a meal together. No matter what it is, take the time to at least stop by when there is something going on because it is a great opportunity to interact with your fellow residents and to do something fun. There are also a variety of programs put on by various student organizations or offices on campus that you should attend. The Hindu Student Association hosts Diwali ever year, the Chinese Student Association holds a big celebration of the Lunar New Year, and the Student Activities Committee has a week of fun programs during Spirit Week in the spring. Living on campus so close to where these programs take place is an opportunity you won’t have again in your life, so take advantage of it while you can!

I hope I’ve given you at least a basic glimpse into how wonderful residential life at Oxford can be. There are so many fun things to do and people to see. Whether you live in the JRC, Haygood, Elizer, Murdy, or the newly constructed Fleming, I hope you will develop a sense of pride in your hall and be able to call it home.

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Perspective from Oxford’s “Queen of Fun”

honiHello! My name is Honi O’Kelley and I have the privilege of serving as the Assistant Dean for Campus Life and Director of Student Involvement & Leadership here at Oxford. In that capacity, I support our 75+ registered student organizations, advise the Student Government Association, coordinate leadership development opportunities such as Leadership Oxford (LO), ExCEL, the Emerging Leaders Summit, the Pierce Leadership Certificate Program, and the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Team, advise the Social Club Advisory Council and support our four social clubs, co-faciliate programs for incoming students such as Own Oxford and New Student Orientation, support Parent & Family Programs, and advise the Student Activities Committee (SAC) in their quest to provide stellar on-campus programming. Yup. It’s really as fun as it sounds. Actually, it’s probably even more fun. In fact, Dean Bowen often refers to me as the Queen of Fun, and I “wear” that title proudly.

I came to Oxford in 2005 as a Graduate Assistant while pursuing my Master’s in Education in College Student Affairs Administration from the University of Georgia. It was love at first site. I was instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the campus, inspired by the dynamic student body, and felt completely at home among the students, faculty, and staff. If you’ve ever visited Oxford, you know what I mean—that warm, cozy feeling that just fits, similar to your favorite sweatshirt or hoodieWhen I graduated from my Master’s program in 2007, I convinced the powers-at-be to take a chance on a recent graduate, and I was hired as Oxford’s first Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership. I have (happily) be here ever since.

If you come in my office in Candler Hall, you’ll see evidence of last night’s SAC program or the most recent weekend retreat. You’ll notice pictures of past years at Oxford and memorabilia from signature campus programs. I’ll offer some peanut M&Ms from my candy jar, ask you how your classes are going, and clear space off of the chair for you to have a place to sit. It’s a little chilly in my office but I wouldn’t trade my view of the front door for anything because I love seeing the life in Candler Hall.

And the best part is, I am excited and energized to go to work each day. That’s because I recognize the awesome opportunity I have to create experiences for Oxford College students in which they discover themselves, identify their true passions, develop their leadership potential, establish meaningful friendships, and fall in love with Oxford  all over again. I love Oxford and I make it my mission to help students appreciate all that it has to offer. I hope that I have the pleasure of sharing my love of Oxford with you!

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In a Relationship With: Oxford College

photo (18)On move-in day, Oxford was like a distant cousin. I had seen her once or twice before, but didn’t know her personally whatsoever.  Suddenly, I was living with my distant cousin for good. I didn’t know what to think. Should I be happy about this? Am I supposed to be excited about getting to know a completely new family member? Regardless, I nervously unpacked my belongings and began my first semester as an Oxford student.

When I left for Christmas break after my first semester, I felt my distant cousin become just a cousin I’ve grown up with. Oxford was a familiar place now, where I had friends, classes, and memories. I even had a favorite place to study and a favorite place to sit on the Quad. However, home was still always a consistent thought in the back of my mind. Whenever I walked around campus, strolling from class to Lil’s to the library, I was aware that I was away from home. I remember comparing my daily life here to my life at home, pondering the differences that simply being a college student has made on my life. I remember my family’s car pulling up a few hours after I finished my last final, and the feeling that came over me when I arrived at my house with all things that were deeply familiar.

Then, spring semester came and went like the blink of an eye, and I became aware of the fact that I barely thought about home whatsoever. I was going to events, writing papers, studying, making new friends, taking up leadership positions, and in all of the fun and chaos, I didn’t have the time to stop and think about my familiar home life. My expectations for summer vacation were originally filled with visions of dancing through the hallways and joyfully packing up the contents of my dorm, yet I was now faced with the sad prospect of saying goodbye to dozens of people that I had become so close to.

During the summer months, I realized that Oxford had grown to be much more than I had ever expected.  It didn’t take long for me to miss everything about it- the bad and the good. I even missed the lack of sleep. Well…only a little.

Coming back to campus for my sophomore year felt a little like being reunited with a close friend I hadn’t seen in a while – we picked up right where we left off! Despite the hundreds of new faces on campus, Oxford oozed familiarity.  I found that I was no longer aware of being away from home. I wasn’t even aware of being at Oxford. I was just where I was supposed to be – living and working. It is a time in my life that I know will be short and sweet, but the sense of comfort that is felt here is like a home in and of itself- Lil’s (dining hall) is my kitchen, my residence hall is my bedroom, the library is my office (and sometimes also a bedroom…for study naps), the Quad is my garden, the staff are my aunts and uncles, and the students are like my brothers and sisters. Oxford is no longer a distant cousin; it isn’t even a close friend – it is home.

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Leaving a Good [Social] Impression.

Have you ever Googled your name? Yeah, me neither…

Okay, truthfully I hadn’t actually ever Googled my name until today. And upon doing so, I found that I’m likely one of three people— a 65 year old grandmother from Illinois, an actress in a movie called America’s Sweethearts, or a real estate agent from Tampa, FL. While those aren’t exactly correct, I did find a wealth of accurate information in a matter of a minute.

I’ll give you some time to focus since you just Googled yourself, too.

So that you do not have to Google my name, I will reintroduce myself, my role, and why this all applies to you. My name is Maura Klein and I am an Admission Advisor for both the Oxford College and Emory College campuses (and a proud alumna of both). I read Emory and Oxford applications and it is an absolute joy finding out who you are and the journey that has led you to apply. Here’s my take on your presence in social media and how that plays into your college applications.

On principle, I have not used social media to search Oxford and Emory applicants. Only once did I search a student whom I had denied and found a picture of a joyful girl with a huge smile. For the rest of the day, I sat teary-eyed in my office feeling like a crusher of dreams. Referencing social media is a matter of preference. Just because I do not care to search your name and information, does not mean that other representatives at Oxford & Emory or other colleges refrain from doing so.

If you’re a college applicant, remember that you have an identity and you have an electronic identity. What you post on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter builds your electronic resume and it is very accessible to colleges and future employers. Because what you post on social media sites is in your vernacular and written candidly, it can likely serve as a more telling representation of who you are than your carefully crafted college application. Don’t go changing who you are—we appreciate that you are authentic! Just stop and think about your social fingerprint. What image have you already painted for yourself?

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Why Maddie Chose Oxford

Hi there! My name is Maddie Clifton and I’m a current sophomore here at Oxford College double majoring in Political Science and English. Originating from Savannah Ga, only about four hours away, I can’t fully describe how different Oxford is from my hometown.  I went to a relatively small school where everyone was pretty much the same. We had all known each other since kindergarten and while I completely enjoyed my experience there, by the time senioritis fully set in I was definitely ready for a change.  While it might seem on the surface that Oxford and my high school are similar, small schools in GA, they couldn’t be more different.

My favorite thing about Oxford is, without a doubt, my friends. Yes, I love my small classes of 17 and truly benefit from the close-knit relationships created between faculty and students, but nowhere else could I have such a global network of friends and still feel so at home! For example, one of my best friends here is a Chinese Canadian who went to boarding school in Massachusetts.  Not your average kid. And that can be said about every student here at Oxford, we are nothing if not unique.  Not only is our student body geographically diverse, but the interest on campus are so vast that I often have a hard time deciding in which activity I want to participate.

I’m currently involved with Student Admissions Association (which basically means I’m a tour guide), Delta Psi Epsilon, one of our social clubs on campus, Young Republicans, The Spokesman (school newspaper), and also I play on a few intramural sports teams. Within each of these clubs, the people I meet are so incredibly different from the people in the previous club, and yet we all go to the same school. The in-depth exposure to other cultures and activities here is the best thing about Oxford. The people are truly special and I’m so proud to be one of them.

My word of advice to all high school students going through this stressful time of applying to college is this: choose something different. I’m sure this will come a big shock to many, but I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for in a college.  I was 17 years old and expected to have life together at 17. Was I ready to make this important and life altering decision? Probably not. But millions of students do it every year and so can you.  I honestly began my college search by looking at anything and everything. From the large state schools to medium sized research universities to small liberal arts, each one has something very special to offer. The key is this, which one has something special to offer YOU?  Which one gets you excited about coming to college for reasons other than it not being high school anymore? Which one do you want to call your home for the next four years? And at which campus can you make the best impact? Oxford was the perfect choice for me and I didn’t even know it until I came to visit (along with 100 other accepted students on Preview Day). I knew about Emory and liked it there and it was a serious competitor for my admissions deposit along with a few other small liberal arts colleges. When I came to Oxford and found out that I could have the small liberal arts experience that I had discovered was right for me along with a great research university like Emory, the decision was easy! Oxford College of Emory University it is.


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Thanksgiving Spotlight on Dean Moon

Greetings Oxford Blog readers.

I am Joe Moon, Oxford’s Dean for Campus Life and I have a unique relationship
with this college. I began my career on Emory’s Atlanta campus as an Assistant
Dean, but have spent most of my Emory years on the Oxford campus.  So, I
have view of student life from both perspectives: from the Atlanta campus and
from the Oxford campus.  Also, when I first came to Oxford, I was
intrigued with its history and eventually selected Oxford’s story as my
dissertation topic.  So, not only do I know the current day Oxford
exceedingly well, I know why Oxford is “An Uncommon Place” (a shameless plug
for Oxford’s story, now in book form).

Students at Oxford know that I love my work.  (Ask them).  I can’t
imagine a more interesting, fun, and intellectually challenging place to be.
I work alongside colleagues in students affairs at Oxford who are – as
individuals and as a group – amazing.  Oxford is a high energy place;
students are broadly involved in the life of the college, have early
opportunities for leadership roles, and have a deep community experience that
is hard to describe.

In addition to my “dean” duties, I take every opportunity to be part of college
life.  In recent weeks, I hosted a meal with students to an authentic
Indian restaurant, invited my Freshman Seminar group to my place for home
cooked lasagna, sat on the front row at a basketball game, attended a formal
student dance at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, took a fitness class with students
(still sore . . .), and I participated in an interesting workshop with
students, faculty, and staff which centered on liberal arts and making meaning
of life.

At Oxford, there are students from across the US and the world.  Without a
doubt, my favorite events are the campus-wide cultural events that involve
food, music, art, and entertainment, such as: Night Market (Chinese students),
Diwali (Hindu festival of lights), Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving), and Eid
(Muslim festival).  Many of our prospective students who visit this small
college in the South are surprised to find a rich, varied cultural student

If Oxford seems like your kind of place, I hope you come to campus to see for
yourself.  I am always happy to meet with prospective students when time
permits, so look me up if you come to campus for a tour.

Joe Moon
Dean for Campus Life

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A “Continuee” Vantage Point from Abroad


Hello everyone! My name is Derek Quindry. I am currently an Emory College junior majoring in Political Science and German Studies.  I spent my first two years at Oxford and can honestly say that those two years were amazing and really helped to prepare me for anything I might want to do in life.  For example, I am currently studying abroad in Berlin this semester, and I spent this past summer in Vienna through an Emory program.  I only started taking German last August with Dr. Nisbet at Oxford, and I am currently taking all of my classes in German and living with a German host family.  The fact that my classes at Oxford really challenged me made me feel like I could do this.  When I was first asked to write an in-class essay after only five weeks of German 101, I thought that the idea was insane.  However, I now have 17 pages worth of papers in German to write this week, and I am not that worried because I know I can do it, albeit with a healthy amount of grammatical errors.

Honestly though, being abroad makes me realize that the most important thing Oxford teaches you is “how” to think.  Now, I understand that the first time you hear that it sounds stupid. Of course you know how to think.  What it really means though, is that after your time at Oxford, you will look at the world in a very different way.  All of the professors at Oxford will teach you something that is applicable in the real world.  This summer, I found myself looking at a beautiful church in the Austrian countryside and thinking about my political science and sociology classes. I’ll watch a movie or read a book and think about my English classes with Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Ivey (who are quite wonderful and definitely professors you should take if you really want to learn “how to think”).

As for being an Oxford “continuee”–while I haven’t technically taken classes on the Atlanta campus yet, I have taken classes with German professors from Emory and with students that began at both campuses. I can definitely say that my experience has been no different for a student who began at Oxford versus the Atlanta campus.  Another thing that really helps the transition is the fact that Oxford students are super involved during their freshman and sophomore years. This means that Oxford students have a competitive edge while applying for leadership positions and scholarships on the Atlanta campus. We have probably already done something related to the position we are applying for and can acquire really good, personal letters of recommendation due to the close relationships we form with faculty and staff while at Oxford.  I know when applying for study abroad scholarships for my Emory program in Vienna this past summer, two of the four scholarships were awarded to Oxford students.

As a final note, I just want to say that one of the most important things Oxford gave me was a home.  As a college student, when people ask you the questions like ”Where do you live?” or “Do you miss home?”, you often have to stop and think about it, because between being at school during the year and participating in internships or study abroad programs in the summers, you definitely aren’t home with your parents for most of the year.  At Oxford, you will meet the most unique collection of the world’s greatest people, and you will find many lifelong friends.  Two years at Oxford will result in a lifetime of memories, and honestly, I will always think of Oxford as a place that I can call home.

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