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「桜の木の下で 毎回続くのこの感じ!? とりあえず脱いでみようか」(Sakura no Ki no Shite de; Maikai Tsuzukuno Ko no Kanji!?; Toriaezu Nui de Miyouka)
“Under the Cherry Blossom Tree” “Are we going to be continuing like this every episode?!” “For the time being, let’s take off clothes”

Hmm.. How should I describe this show? From the setting, it’s completely opposite of Kaichou wa Maid-sama, because the main character, Takatoshi Tsuda is attending high school that has disproportionally large female ratio, because it was recently converted from women’s to co-ed high school. In some way, this would be an ideal school for characters like Ken Sugisaki from Seitokai no Ichizon, whose ultimate goal is to turn the student council into his harem. Unfortunately, Tsuda has no interest in conquest the girls and he is rather forced to join the Student Council.

Anyway, story-wise, you shouldn’t expect much progress in this first episode other than introducing Takatoshi and the three other main heroines (i.e., Shino Amakusa, Suzu Hagimura, and Aria Shichijou), because Seitokai Yakuindomo focuses on nearly 70% of its time on shimoneta (dirty jokes, often based on verbal play). Well, the rest of the entertainment is based on parodies of other popular animes. By following this log, this show is obviously not aimed at the mainstream, but rather anime otakus and fujoshis (just to note, a lot of dirty jokes in this show are based on yaoi stuff;) similiar to that of Lucky ☆ Star and Seitokai no Ichizon. However, if you somehow happen to fit into that description, then you’ll definitely be in love with this show. The voice acting wasn’t particularly strength of Seitokai Yakuindomo and the majority of the seiyus are relatively unknown, though I didn’t find any problem with their performance so far. but Unfortunately, there was really nothing fancy with the visuals of this animation, but there were no significant drop in animation quality either, so this show should be entertaining enough to watch for the whole summer season.

First Impression: 8.5/10

OP theme

ED theme

Shino teaching Takotoshi how "tightness" is very important for her.

Suzu's very suspicious of guys...

No, this show is not going to be a typical harem anime!

A reference to Sachiko and Yumi from "Maria-sama ga Miteru"

Shino wants to explore Takatoshi's body beyond what she has learned during the health class.

Shino Amakusa. Probably the most pervert among the council members. She has the same voice as Mio from K-ON!.

Aria Shichijou. A yuri girl. She has the same voice as Ritsu from K-ON!.

Suzu Hagimura. Chibiki who has similar traits to Rebecca Miyamoto from Pani Poni. She has the same voice as Izumi from Hayate the Combat Butler!.

A nurse's room...

A women's changing room...

An empty classroom...

P.E equipment room... (Do you get the pattern? Well, if you play a lot of bishojo games...)

You can even use the top of this piano for a private session.

"Sorry, but I use T***ons instead of N***ins." -I can't believe they can talk about such topic in front of a guy...

"My knees are laughing!" -This was one of the jokes I didn't really find funny...

Very much like Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Aria's parents seem to have a very good relationship...I mean S&M relationship...

Shino makes a "hole" on the box to attract more comment cards.

Suzu is probably even shorter than the girls from Mitsudomoe...

Shino: "Let's learn how to do an interview from an adult video!"

"This is how you should pose for the guest!"

The interviewers is trying to accomodate Shino by matching the eye-level.

Setting up the camera in a bishojo game style!

The President is disappointed that the interview video was not a R-Rated one.

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  1. wow, this surprised me. Much better than expected, although this is definitely more focused on a more niche audience in terms of comedy.

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