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Oct 152010

Episode 02 – Book of Law – 法の書 (Hou no sho)

My god, the last thing I wanted in this somewhat fanservicey episode was another loli Kugimiya Rie character, but that’s exactly what we get with the intro of the nun shown in the previous episode’s preview. I mean, Kugimiya Rie has done well as the seiyuu for some major characters, such as Shana or Taiga, but she just doesn’t fit in her role as a loli that seems to always, somehow, end up on Touma at least half naked. The fanservice moments between Touma, Index, and the nun girl were all amusing, but nothing terribly different from other generic fanservice comedy moments. I did get a laugh out of Index’s reaction to Touma’s intrusion on her shower, as well as the moment where a sleepwalking Index decides to use her pointy teeth to chomp down on Touma (lol). The overall tone to this episode was rather serious, but no major plot events really occurred yet. I guess the entire episode can be summed up as: A lot of background info and talking (with some comedy), but no action.

There was a ton of exposition this episode, though, which was all quite serious and ominous to hear. Most of the talk was about politics between different religious/magical groups, and how Kaori Kanzaki is stuck in between it all. There’s an obvious battle brewing between both factions that are presented in this episode, with Index and Touma currently siding with Styl and the nuns in this episode. To make matters even more interesting, the enemy faction kidnapped one of the nuns right under Touma’s nose, and managed to get away before Styl had a chance to turn them into ashes. The nun kidnapped this episode is also turning out to be quite an essential character for this arc, with her existence being somewhat similar to Index’s existence.

Overall, this episode was pretty much a bunch of build up for the conflicts that are to come; the enemy group was introduced late into the episode, with obviously no good intentions with regards to that kidnapped nun. In the meanwhile, the rest of the episode was pretty much explanation for the situation at hand, or just had some silly fanservice moments and casual playful dialogue between the main cast.

There is the question of just when the girl shown at the beginning of this episode will get much more involved in the main story, considering how right now she’s more or less a side character. Based on how she seems to be involved with everything, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she ends up a central character in the conflict.  Nothing exceptionally amazing happens this episode, with little to no action at all. The plot is building up to what looks like a major battle next week, so this episode was definitely meant to setup the background and situation for that.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.7/5

Screenshots are later in the post. For fanservice screenshots, click on any of the following: 1, 2, 3, 4.

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