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Nov 082010

Episode 06 – I Won’t Give Up – アキラメナイヨ (akiramenaiyo)

Once again, with the end of a heroine’s arc, we get the obligatory sex scene. I seriously think that the creators could have toned down the sex scene’s eroticness, and still managed to get that. Well, besides that, the drama this episode was actually pretty good *gasp*. The atmosphere got pretty tense here and there, and the overall conflict is wayyyyy better than Kazuha’s very shallow from two episodes ago. I guess you could say that the progression of events felt mch more natural, as opposed to the rushed madness that was Kazuha’s arc not too long ago.

There was a tremendous focus on Akira’s unknown mother, whom Akira thought was Kazuha’s mother. There were points in this episode where the atmosphere around Akira was very gloomy and dark, which says a lot about the internal conflicts she was going through that episode. For her to have been living along for years, jealous of the fact that her “mother” was with Kazuha the entire time, must have been unbearable at times, especially because Akira was called an “unwanted child” back when she was little.

Akira’s past is pretty messed up, with quite a few borderline traumatic events, not to mention being abandoned by her mother. That being said, Haruka decides to poke his head in all of Akira’s business, and manages to get a DNA test run to confirm that Akira is not related to Kazuha’s mother.

It turns out that Kazuha’s mother had looked out for Akira back when she was first born, which is why there was the misunderstanding regarding their relationship. The moment where Akira got back her lost pendant, and embraced Kazuha’s mother, was rather touching, though I don’t quite fully understand the implications here.

The entire sex scene afterwards was pretty much to confirm that Akira, indeed, loves Haruka. Honestly, as I mentioned earlier, the sex scene definitely felt like it was overdone, and had a bunch of unnecessary little details. I guess the entire scene did help get the point across though; Akira and Haruka are officially a couple.

Overall, Akira’s arc was much more sensible than the previous arc, with the drama and story progression feeling much more genuine and realistic. That being said, the pace at which events happen is still quite fast, so there are tiny little details that are skipped over here and there. There are also some bits of character development that are kind of unexpected, which I’m attributing to the fast pace of this show. I am liking how the music contributes to this show though; there are moments where I’m finding the soundtrack relatively well done, which is quite surprising. Now, I wonder how Nao and Sora’s arcs will turn out.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.7/5

Screenshots are later in the post. WARNING: Some of the screenshots are NSFW

Next Episode Preview: ツミナオトメラ (tsuminao tomera)

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  11 Responses to “Yosuga no Sora – 06”

  1. ಠ‿ಠ
    Oh yes, felt good ehh. Ain’t that right. “sarcasm”

    This sex scene felt incredibly out place for me this episode. (¬_¬)
    While watching, I was like “wow? ಠ_ಠ… this young couple is so horny for their age”

    P.S. Are you watching any war films this remembrance week tsuki-kun?

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    • Remembrance week? I’ve never actually heard of rememberance week before, but now that you mention it, no I haven’t been watching any war films. I did watch the Macross Frontier movie recently, though, which did have some warfare in it I guess. It was a pretty good movie, in case you were curious.

      I thought the sex scene actually fit in better than it did for Kazuha’s arc, but I see what you mean by incredibly out of place. I personally would prefer this show with no sex scenes at all, but alas, it looks like that won’t be happening.

      If the sex scenes were used properly to develop characters, I wouldn’t complain, but I don’t think that’s really the case in this show. Considering the age of the characters, though, I’m actually not too surprised at them having sex. A young couple alone in a room means stuff happens =P

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      • (`-´)> (`-´)> (`-´)> (`-´)> “salutes”

        Remembrance Week = Remembrance Day, November 11th of every year.
        That is for Canada and former territories of the old British Empire.
        I think its Veterans Day for the States with the same date.

        Its a holiday honoring military veterans who fought wars for the sake of their nation.

        In the other hand,
        “I wish Amagami SS had sex scenes like this anime in every single heroine”
        Ah shit, I just typed my mind.

        Nah, everyone will like it, including you lol.

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        • Yea, in the US it’s just a single day. Veteran’s day is November 11th. On Veterans day here, we normally do stuff like salute veterans, and there are usually TV specials/war movies airing, but besides that I guess there’s not too much that happens here.

          Here in the US, in some places there is a severe lack of respect for war veterans and such. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there is this radical group that would actually go protest at soldier’s funerals, which is absolutely terrible =.=; America is such a weird place sometimes.

          Lol at your Amagami statement. Just a little fact that you might like, in the original visual novel, A LOT of the confession scenes between Junichi and the girls have heavy implications of sex. It’s just never shown on screen =P

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  2. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I did notice something that made me feel like a complete idiot.

    The tag line for the series is “in solitude we are least alone” this is a slight corruption of the Lord Byron quote “in solitude, where we are least alone”. If you don’t know Lord Byron was an 18/19th century poet and Lord in the House of Lords (part of British Parliament). He famously ran from Britain to escape censure (like an Impeachment in the US) because of rumours of Sodomy and Incest. Not only that but he also played around quite a bit.

    I’m a complete idiot for not noticing this because the Secondary School I went to used a house system to sub-divide the students. Each house was named after Inventors and Poets and the like. One of these Houses was Byron House and the Motto for the House was “in solitude, where we are least alone”.

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    • I liked the episode it cleaned up the Kazuha and Akira arcs, there is a nice bow on their relationship and no hard feelings about who gets Haruka in either story. I’m happy they didn’t do a Groundhog Day and say that Haruka has to get into someone’s pants by the end of the festival.

      I also have been loving the way that Sora is always un-phased by the events that happen around her.

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      • This episode did nicely wrap up any loose ends from Kazuha’s arc, as well as bring a satisfactory end to Akira’s arc, but I still can’t help but feel like the pacing was a bit too fast. I do like how this show isn’t trying to create some sort of drama-ridden love triangle, because more often than not, love triangles are not fleshed out properly =.=;

        I think Sora is always un-phased by the events around her because it isn’t her arc yet. She probably is involved in every single arc to some extent, but considering how the focal point is supposed to be the heroine of the particular arc (e.g. Kazuha, Akira, etc), I’m actually glad that the creators to this show are having Sora play as side character until her respective “time under the sun”.

        That way, the little screentime that there actually is can actually be devoted to those main heroines.

        I am looking forward to Sora’s arc the most, mainly because it will be intriguing to see just how the story unfolds for Sora x Haruka, even with all the incestuous undertones to it all. Most likely, Sora’s arc will be the most divisive amongst anime fans, and definitely very complex (or at least, I hope so). Incest relationships in anime are extremely rare, but when they occasionally do pop up, they can be portrayed very very well. I’m not sure if that will be the case here, but we’ll have to see.

        And my mind is still seriously baffled about how the hell they plan on doing Sora’s “scene” with Haruka in this anime. Will they seriously go all out, and show it? =.=;

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        • Maybe they will use telephone sex for Haru and Sora. ヽ(´ー`)┌
          Never heard of such a thing but they “invented” it in this episode and they will capitalize on it.

          Though, most probably they will go all-out for Haru and Sora’s scene.

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    • I was aware that the subtitle to this show was from Lord Byron, but I didn’t really try to apply it to this show at all. I actually don’t really see why this quote was used for this series. Perhaps the creators were trying to note a parallel between both Lord Byron and Haruka, considering their actions and such. Well, then of course, I’m not really a literary guy, so I might just be overlooking some stuff.

      There is no corruption of the title that you mentioned. If you look at the OP theme, where the title is displayed, it clearly says “in solitude where we are least alone”. If there was a corruption on the quote, you could probably have said that the corruption had some sort of significance to it, but that is not the case here.

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  3. I really have no idea how I feel about this episode. A few surprising things happened which i thing were interesting, like what happened with Akira’s mom and the truth behind the pendant. Also it seems like every route expands on the story of the previous one, which is something that I’m enjoying about this series.

    I give it a 3/5, I still prefer the first arc. But these two remaining, I hope that things turn more dramatic and I want to see some jealousy! Especially from Sora and also from the other girls when Haru is dating/seeing another girl. I would actually like to see that class president get jealous over Haru.

    Also I liked how Akira referred to sex, I would also like to know how they planned to do it over the phone?

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    • As a character, I personally liked Kazuha more than Akira. However, I think the story for Akira’s route was stronger than Kazuha’s story.

      As you mentioned, I do like how the two arcs seemed to build upon each other, but considering how the heroines are supposed to be very closely related to each other, I’m not surprised at how their stories intertwine.

      If this show is truly following an omnibus format, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much jealousy at all, considering how Haruka is set to go after only one girl each arc.

      However, I’ve heard rumors from somewhere that Sora and Nao’s arcs are actually connected (as in, there isn’t a time reset), which could definitely create some more drama and jealousy. Note, though, what I heard has NOT been confirmed as fact, so take my words with a grain of salt ヽ(´ー`)┌

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