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Feb 042011

Episode 05 – Boy Meets Boy – ボーイ・ミーツ・ボーイ (boi meetsu boi)

Well, at least Ichika is no longer the only guy in this show. But seriously, the newly introduced guy Charles is as feminine as it gets. I actually thought Charles was cross dressing or something, especially with all his blushing throughout parts of the episode. Nothing really happens this episode except for the introduction of Charles and the continuance of Ichika’s harem, but we do get another new character introduced towards the end. In all honesty, though, this episode was practically all filler in terms of story.

We get absolutely no info on the anomaly in the last episode, and instead we get a standard training episode. That being said, Ichika’s harem with Houki, Lin, and Cecilia continue their bickering over his attention, which although gets entertaining at times, will definitely get old rather quickly. There was a bit of mech fighting here and there, but it all ended rather quickly, and not to mention the fight itself wasn’t terribly interesting.

That being said, the newly introduced character Charles (another guy IS pilot) isn’t really that much better. He is your generic gender-confused trap, or at least he certainly seems gender confused. The fact that he was blushing when Ichika held his hand, or when he saw Ichika get changed into his IS outfit, just screams “feminine”. I do wonder whether he’ll turn out to be an important character, but as of now he kind of feels like a useless add on. Then again, this might just be my bias kicking in against characters that kind of don’t make sense.

Either ways, this episode was mildly entertaining with it’s cliche harem moments (such as the classic “guy has lunch with girl” scene), but besides that this episode was rather boring. Nothing really happens, and there wasn’t even any buildup towards the main plot we were hinted at last episode. At least we get a new girl (whom I suspect will fall victim to Ichika too) who seems to be rather serious, with her eyepatch and all. Next week there will probably be a IS fight involving Ichika and the new girl in some way or form, which has been the trend so far. Woo predictability.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.4/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

Next Episode Preview:

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  7 Responses to “IS Infinite Stratos – 05”

  1. I’m pretty sure that IS a reverse trap.

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  2. Actually I had quite fun with this episode. It was still more fun than the former ones and more Cecilia is always good.
    That breast groping was too stupid and too obvious.
    Reverse trap was obvious but a little fun too, I wonder what sense it will have in the end, why did she become a “boy”.
    I hope that (East) German chick will be interesting.
    “Whom I suspect will fall victim to Ichika too” – I would guess she is more interested in his sister ; )

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    • Haha, yea I think I’m just going into each episode with the wrong expectations; I expect something serious, and instead we get a lot of classic harem humor, etc.

      I should probably stop expecting something mindblowing unique from this show. I guess I’m just overexpecting here x.x;

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  3. At least we got all the character’s introductions done. Hopefully the creators can move on to whatever story they have planned for the remaining episodes. Also I knew that is was just a matter of time before Ichika groped Maya’s breasts. This last girls seems interesting, hopefully it will take more time before she falls too.

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    • Well that’s true; I don’t think there are any more potential candidates to add onto Ichika’s harem. The story probably won’t be a major part to this show, though I kind of wish it was.

      There will probably be a lot of harem antics, so I guess I should adjust my expectations. I think I have my expectations too high. I guess I should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the humor eh? x.x;

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      • “I don’t think there are any more potential candidates to add onto Ichika’s harem.”

        well, if you don’t count the rest of the school :)

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        • Haha, that’s not possible. They are all already part of his harem, they’re just not being as aggressive as Houki, Cecelia, and Lin are being :)

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