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Feb 102011

Episode 06 – My Roommate is a Blond Gentleman – ルームメイトはブロンド貴公子 (Ruumumeito wa Burondo Jentoru)

IT’S A TRAPPPP… Meh, not really. I honestly could say that the revelation that “Charles” ended up being a girl was not surprising at all. Her very feminine reactions to Ichika’s changing out of his outfit and stuff practically gave away that “he” was a) either a female in disguise or b) a guy that’s into guys. That being said, it’s a bit awkward to call her “Charles”, considering Charles is normally a guy’s name. Either ways, the new German girl seems rather overconfident and kind of spoiled, but I guess she does make things more interesting. Nothing major really happens this episode, but it is building up towards a climactic confrontation between Ichika and the new girl.

Not too much really happened this episode, though there was some buildup with regards to a future fight brewing between Ichika and the German girl. That being said, the main attraction here would be the surprisingly cute “guy” Charles. Her feminine antics are rather cute to watch, but in the end she really doesn’t play an important role (for now, at least). We are introduced a bit to the politics of the IS world, but it’s rather brief and involves simple development rights of IS machines. I do wonder exactly how these development rights word in this show, and provokes my curiosity about exactly how these IS machines are manufactured. They seem to be manufactured in a rather odd way, or at least that’s what this show is hinting at. Perhaps this has something to do with that rogue black colored IS machine that appeared in a previous episode.

An interesting little development here was how Charles is being setup as the opponent to the German girl along with Ichika, though France vs Germany isn’t anything new (and we all know how that always turns out…). As usual, Ichika is as dense as most harem leads are when it concerns relationships; he’s seriously clueless about the feelings of the girls that are practically clinging to the guy. Even when Houki and Ceclilia are literally hanging off his arms he doesn’t seem have any potential romantic feelings towards them.

On the other hand, he does seem to be more aware of Charles as a girl, which might be a subtle hint at them becoming more involved with each other. If anything, Cecilia, Rin, and Houki all feel like side characters with no importance in this arc. The conflict is building up by focusing in on the German girl, Charles, Ichika, and his sister, which will turn out into a rather ferocious battle next week (or at least, I’d like to hope).Typical Harem comedy aside, this episode did a decent job of building up towards the future conflict.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.6/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

ED04 – SUPER∞STREAM by Yoko Hikasa, Yukana, Asami Shimoda, and Kana Hanazawa

Next Episode Preview: Blue Days / Red Switch – ブルー・デイズ/レッド・スイッチ (Buruu Deizu/Reddo Suitchi)

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  6 Responses to “IS Infinite Stratos – 06”

  1. First, I guess. Also, her real name is Charlote

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    • Well, it hasn’t been revealed yet that “Charles” is actually Charlotte, though that may change if Charles’ new outfit in the ED theme is indicative of anything.

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  2. Hopefully her secret will last a little longer, it provides some interesting moments between her and Ichika. Also, as you mentioned, it feels like if there is some romantic feelings between any of there parings it would seem that Charlote and Ichika would be the first to show up. For now it is my favorite paring.

    As for the coming conflict, I wonder if Laura will join his harem at the end of it, hopefully not. Hopefully she will provide some friction between our main characters in the episodes to come. And its kind of sad that we are already half way done, at first I didn’t thought much of this series, I didn’t even think that I would watch it but now I’m hoping for a second season.

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    • Out of all of the girls, Charlotte seems to be the only one Ichika has treated as a “girl” in the sense that he sees her as a potential romantic interest. Ichika seems to treat Houki, Cecilia, and Lin as friends, which is why isn’t even slightly embarrassed when he has both Cecilia and Houki clinging to his arms. But anything could happen in a Harem, I guess.

      On a side note, if I’m remembering right Laura (Ms. German girl) was in that battle in the first scene of the first episode of this series, so more likely than not she will join the Ichika harem sooner or later. Kind of a shame considering how she’s made stuff more interesting in this show.

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  3. The first episodes were boring but now the show gets better and I’m looking forward to the next episodes.
    The best part was “Ichika no ecchi” and “do you want to see them ?” -not counting delicious Cecilia.
    Germany begs to be raped, badly, by Chifuyu-neesama :)
    we learned that the stratos technology can be use to hide boobs too

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    • Lol, I was thinking of mentioning how Charlotte seems to be extremely good at hiding her feminine features, but maybe it really is Stratos Technology at work here ;)

      Charlotte was certainly the most feminine out of the harem so far, which is probably what is catching Ichika off guard. Now when will the German girl enter the harem, I wonder… :

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