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Mar 032011

Episode 09 – Eleven O’clock arrives at Sea (Ocean Eleven)!
海に着いたら十一時(オーシャンズ・イレブン)! (Umi ni tsuitara juu ichiji (Ooshanzuirebun)! )

Well, what else is there to say besides that this was your typical beach episode? And for a harem series like this, all a beach episode means is that all the girls will try to hog our main protagonists attention (in this case, Ichika). They did try to add a few things that might be more relevant to the overall story, but for the most part you got your standard fanservicey beach episode, complete with beach volleyball and sun tanning. I guess there was some decent comedy, but there definitely wasn’t much plot here.

The story was pretty much just each girl worrying about the intensifying competition for Ichika, with Lin and Cecilia increasingly worried about their chances with him (especially with Charlotte walking around with him). This ended up with every girl fighting for Ichika’s attention at the beach, with events such as the “put the suntan oil on Cecilia” event, the “save a drowning Lin” event, and eventually the “play beach volleyball with Charlotte” event.

All in all, the episode was a rather normal, generic harem beach episode, which was somewhat entertaining yet a little disturbing in a sense. For one, Laura (the german girl) has seriously made a complete personality change, almost absurdly different from her character an episode or two ago. It’s almost scary how different Laura acts in comparison to before. And of course, there’s the usual “sigh, our main harem lead is clueless about girls” that applies to Ichika here.

Now the only hint of future events was the brief mentioning of Houki potentially getting her own IS suit from her older sister (finally). Besides that, though, there was literally zero plot worth mentioning. At least there was some decent comedy, even with the characters acting oddly out of place sometimes (especially Laura).

Overall Enjoyment: 2.9/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  3 Responses to “IS Infinite Stratos – 09”

  1. This episode has been the personification of the word “fanservice”. (not that this is a bad thing)
    Next week seem to be starting again the plot…:P

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  2. so from generic plot to generic fanservice and even a bit of incest :)
    Laura and Cecilia were epic win, at least the girls are fun

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  3. Other than the usual fanservice, which is always nice, the only things that really got my attention were Laura’s complete change in personality, the new IS but most importantly Ichika’s reaction to his sister’s swimsuit. Interesting that he didn’t fall on her, as it seems to be the norm lately.

    Also Houki’s sister is cute too, but I thought that no one knew where she was?

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