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Mar 112011

Episode 10 – Thin Red Line – その境界線の上に立ち(シン・レッド・ライン) (Shin Reddo Rain)

The first half to this episode, in all honestly, was just a bunch of fanservice. It was entertaining at times, although Houki getting more involved in the harem feels kind of sudden in a way. When I had lost all hope that this show would get out of it’s filler-esque phase it was in, the second half turned things around with a much more interesting (yet still kind of slow) buildup around an upcoming IS fight. After a lack of good IS mech fights in the most recent episodes, the fact that we’re finally going to maybe see one in the final few episodes certainly gets my hopes up. Then again, this feels kind of like the creators for this show were like “oh, the show is ending soon, we have to throw in a mech fight somehow”. The turn of events is a bit predictable, but who said I watch this show for it’s plot?

Ignoring the fanservice filled first half (it’s not very difficult to imagine what happened there), the second half proved to be much more interesting. Houki finally got her own personal IS, and based on it’s specs, I’d assume that it will play a crucial role in the upcoming battle against the autonomous US built IS that is approaching Japan. That being said, this does make me curious about Ichika’s own IS, which apparently is the only one suitable for taking out the rogue opposing IS. I’d assume that Ichika’s Byakushiki is rather old, which makes me wonder why his older IS is more capable than the newer ones that the rest of the cast owns.

There was pretty much just a large amount of buildup towards that mech battle that we saw at the beginning of this series. The sudden change from the first half to the second half was rather unexpected, perhaps a too sudden change in pace and story. It did a fine job at hinting what is to come though, with the next episode preview definitely hyping a more action packed final arc.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.3/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

Next Episode Preview:

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  3 Responses to “IS Infinite Stratos – 10”

  1. the first half was fun and was Cecilia centered and bunny ears girl is win

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    • haha, the bunny ear girl actually annoyed me like crazy. Her hairstyle does remind me of Hitagi Senjougahara’s, although Senjougahara is by far wayy better than Ms. Bunny girl here.

      The Cecilia focus was a little weird, but after all the attention the rest of the cast has been getting, it makes sense. Now when will Houki start playing serious here? lol

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