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Mar 242011

Episode 11 – Get Ready – ゲット・レディ (Getto Redi)

Meh, definitely not the best episode of Infinite stratos here, but not exactly bad either. The battle sequences had a rather raw, fast paced actiony feel to them, but the completely sudden change focusing in on Houki’s infatuation with her newfound power felt rather awkward. I mean, the last thing I expected was for a life-or-death battle to be interrupted by Houki and Ichika all naked and glowing in some sort of imagined up world discussing how Houki was being too indulgent in her newfound IS machine. While I do appreciate having some sort of character development for Houki here, the way in which it was done felt completely awkward, and not to mention, felt rather rushed as well.

The action sequences were decently done here, with some quick paced sword slashes and laser beams really keeping up a rather tense atmosphere between the opposing IS and the Ichika x Houki combo. There wasn’t really much detail on the close range, hand to hand combat though, which made the fight a bit more tame than otherwise. The major thing here, though, was how the episode kept blatantly hinting at how Houki was eager to show off her new, powerful IS.

It was rather obvious from the very start that Houki would somehow take some emotional damage based on her attitude towards the mission, but the way in which it happened felt a little random. All the drama around Houki this episode contrasts with the rather calm, level-headed image that this show has built up around Houki, and made the entire situation rather unbelievable. There have been occasional hints at her infatuation with power, but the sudden development of it here in this episode made her backstory feel shallow and poorly built up.

It’s rather obvious that we’re close to the end of the series, mainly due to the painfully high levels of drama here. While I don’t particularly mind the story trying to develop Houki a bit, the sudden way in which it happened certainly isn’t going to get any praise. This episode wasn’t particularly bad though, it’s just that it had nothing really worth noting either. The brief scene towards the end that brought the harem together as allies, as well as bring a predictable end to all the Houki drama, does hint at a big battle in the next episode (which we saw a glimpse of back in episode 1). Hopefully the studio changes the final fight a bit so that we won’t be rewatching the same scene from back then.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.4/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

Next Episode Preview:

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  7 Responses to “IS Infinite Stratos – 11”

  1. Good post as always!

    I felt this episode had a significantly different tone from the last 10 episodes, save the later half of ep 10. I’m not particularly impressed with this heavy tone change from comedy to serious biz in such a short of time. It’s as you’ve said, the story line is way too rushed and it lacks proper organization. I guess this is what comes from trying to fit 3 volumes of light novels in 12 episodes.

    Not that it’s impossible, but the light novels had an immense load of dialogue, thus it seems pretty much like a 24/25 episode series if it had to be done well. Guess they just didn’t have that kind of funding. I’m sure if they had taken the time to explain things in more detail, the reception would’ve been much more positive.

    As for this episode, I didn’t like the beginning argument between Ichika and Houki about saving the criminals. I thought that, because the criminals didn’t heed the block off warnings, they pretty much deserved to die. The “newtype” style communication scene didn’t help much either…it was too awkward considering how the rest of this series was presented…so that was definitely an awkward scene.

    Hopefully IS can redeem itself in the last episode.

    P.S. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Infinite Stratos

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    • Hehe thanks :)

      I don’t really know how the light novels go, but the speed at which events are happening, as well as the too-fast-paced character development for Houki, really is making it tough for me to find anything enjoyable about this particular episode. The fight was cool, but there was little else that caught my attention here.

      It would have been nice if the studio for this series had kept things going at a good pace, even if the ending would have been open ended. Rushed, crammed endings never help a series as a whole (with very few exceptions), which makes me wish they would stop trying to cram in a last minute “finale arc”.

      Well, it’s not like it could really change much at this point though, but I’ll keep my hopes up ヽ(´ー`)┌

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      • Haha keeps the hopes up indeed!

        Well I still mainly watch IS because of charuru, so as long as she gets airtime, I’ll be interested. It’s as you’ve said, open endings are better than rushed endings. Open endings can lead to a possible season 2, while rushed endings leave the audiences confused and with a bad taste in their mouths, therefore DVD/Blu-ray sales will be more or less stunted.

        They had better pick it up next episode…I waited forever for IS 11 to air and when I finally got to watch it, I was like “What the f*** is this s***?!”

        lol….I pray that I won’t be disappointed by a lackluster ending next week…

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        • Fully agreed. They should have named this episode “Stupidity”. Ichika sure picked a fine time to develop some inconvenient morals. So saving some criiminals and endangering your partner is more important than taking down a world threatening weapons platform?

          …the logic is lacking.

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        • Well, the logic is there, it’s just really, really stretching my suspense of disbelief here.

          The thing with this episode that was more iffy (in my opinion) was definitely the fundamental huge shifts in characterization of Houki, along with too fast paced uneven development of characters as a whole. We’re in for one messy finale at this rate, though I’d like to hope against it.

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  2. Anybody lol’d when they showed the illegal fishing ship with an unidentifiable nationality?

    I certainly did. Not because of the sheer silliness of the logic…but because I am Chinese.

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    • I actually was thinking about it, and the illegal fishing ship was on the eastern side of Japan. In other words, the illegal fishing ship couldn’t really have come from a mainland country (unless, that is, they circled around the entire country of japan to illegally fish =.=;;) More likely than not, the fishing ship was a Japanese one that was just not following the no-entry restrictions to that designated space of ocean.

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