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Gosick – 17

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May 132011

Episode 17 -

Hrm, well this was a bit unexpected. This episode takes a break from the usual setup that arcs have had in this series, and instead is devoted to even more buildup, as well as some character development. Normally we would have seen a mystery that Victorique would be miraculously solving at this point in time. Instead, this episode is really pushing a lot of development towards the main story, which I have to say, is a great change-up in my eyes. Not to mention, the involvement of some previously “background only” characters is really adding to the sense of tension and suspense in this series. Hopefully all this buildup culminates in one heck of a climax.

The biggest difference between this arc so far, and previous arcs, is that normally there would be some sort of small time mystery that Victorique would be solving by now. A brief, small mystery did indeed pop up in the form of the clockmaker being killed, but the episode chose to practically give it no attention at all whatsoever. While I normally may not have been to comfortable with skipping over a mystery, the really tension-heavy mystery involving Brian Roscoe, Cordelia, Albert De Blois, and Victorique takes much higher priority in my eyes.

As expected, this episode continued to build upon the main overarching mystery by adding in much more foreshadowing, as well as questions with regards to what exactly are the motivations in everybody involved in this complex affair. What is Albert De Blois plotting? Why are Cordelia and Brian Roscoe acting in such secrecy? Is there some sort of major conspiracy or event in the works here? And how do they all connect to the “great wind”, aka World War II? And what in the world is Victorique’s role in all of these affairs?

This episode places emphasis on still unknown aspects of the main plot, and further shrouds them in mystery. At the same time, it seems that this episode was also meant to solidify the Kujo x Victorique relationship, and try and get some details between the two settled. Victorique’s reliance on Kujo, and Kujo’s desire to protect her, were both displayed quite a bit in this episode. While Kujo may not be the most competent guy around, he does do what needs to be done when push comes to shove. How these two, who are bound to face hardship together in the future, cope with things is a major point of interest.

And, finally, this episode laid to rest some of Victorique’s doubts with regards to her origins and her parents. While Albert De Blois is obviously plotting something with regards to Victorique, at least we know that Cordelia is more of a proper parent, looking out for her only daughter. Victorique always seemed to have a deeply sensitive issue with regards to her family, and this episode helped lay some of her concerns to rest.

As of now, there are still a bunch more questions with regards to the main story. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of heavy power players such as Brian Roscoe, Cordelia, and Albert De Blois, are starting to take action. With the backdrop of the supposed “great wind” ominously approaching, as well as the oddity of Victorique’s involvement in all this, I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how this plot moves forward.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.9/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  10 Responses to “Gosick – 17”

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    3. Captcha should begin showing again in the commenting section. You may have to refresh the page once or twice. ^_^

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  2. I love the buildup in this episode but Albert disappointed me. What kind of villain would simply let the protagonist go? If he kills Kujou then and there then his victory will be of lesser threats.

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    • Well, how I interpreted the situation is that Albert is letting Kujo roam free because Kujo is somehow “preparing” Victorique for some sort of goal that Albert is aiming for. In that sense, Kujo is almost doing a favor for the bastard, though I do wonder what in the world Albert could be planning with regards to Victorique.

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  3. Usually the mysteries are easy… but the mystery between Brian Roscoe, Cordelia, Albert De Blois, and Victorique will conquer all the mysteries in this series…
    The relationship between Victorique and Kujo is really like kinda of Holmes and Watson.. but this “Watson” is kinda useless…
    I wonder what the ring symbolises?
    Furthermore.. what’s the priest role with Brian Roscoe….
    So many questions and just only one mystery… >.<
    I feel stupid…

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    • “So many questions and just only one mystery… >.<"

      Hehe, yea. And that's why I'm liking this arc a lot more than previous ones. The buildup and suspense is much better, and the mystery is actually *gasp* interesting. I've been waiting for a proper mystery like this for a long time in Gosick.

      The big question to ask here is not what is going on, but what are all the motivations for the people involved here. Why is Albert trying to condition Victorique? Why is Brian Roscoe and Coredelia set against Albert? Their motivations are the root for everything that is going on, and would solve a lot of the questions that this series is bringing up.

      As for the whole Watson thing, I agree where you say that Watson feels kind of useless. The only usefulness I see in Kujo is him being emotional support. Kujo as a "helper" in solving a mystery is pretty much just a huge joke xP

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      • I agree with you with the proper buildup and suspense for this mystery and what are the motivations of each character for example Albert, Brian and Cordelia..
        Plus, I wonder what Victorique’s purpose if it wasn’t to live? I mean Albert keeps saying she a tool and if broken he can easily replace it… what a twisted villain!! ^_^

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        • You say that he’s “twisted” and i want him to be even more! Still I imagine that Albert wants her to “predict” something. Not sure what “that” is but I’m sure that it is something along those lines.

          As for Grevil, I’m not sure if he is supporting Albert or not. I wonder if he will have a change of heart?

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  4. Finally we see her parents and I have to say that I was expecting her father to be more \evil\ for lack of a better word, in the past \scenes\ where he appeared gave him a different aura. I wasn’t expecting him to disguise himself as an old man etc. And what’s with his face? In the OP he has a different appearance.

    Anyway I like how everything is building up towards a deeper plot. And for a moment there I though that Victorique might actually kiss him when he was running towards the train. Not sure if that would have fit in this series but it seemed like an appropriate thing to do given the atmosphere.

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    • o.o; Maybe it’s just me, but Albert de blois seems plenty evil to me. Perhaps the better way to describe him would be a “plotting, scheming old man”. He obviously is up to something suspicious, but is meticulously planning it out and preparing for it. At least, that’s the vibe I’m getting. I, too, wonder what’s up witht hat mask of his.

      I’ve been praying for a “deeper plot” like this at least 4-6 episodes ago, and it’s episodes like this that do make me glad that I resisted the temptation of dropping coverage of this series a while back.

      I actually imagined the whole “kiss” moment too, but knowing Victorique’s stubborness, she would probably never be the one to initiate such an embarassing moment lol.

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      • Well too bad that Koujo lacks the “pants” do it himself.

        Also I guess that I can crush my hope to see his sister visit him and Victorique. The way that this is going I don’t think that there will a lot of “happy/comedy” moments left until the end.

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