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Gosick – 19

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May 272011

Episode 19 -

Last week I mentioned how I was worried that I was afraid this series might revert back to the rather annoying antics of Kujou, Avril, and such. On the contrary, this series just keeps on getting more and more intrigue-heavy. The series has really started to get into the main mystery that has been hinted at ever since the very first episode. And really, it’s this major mystery that’s been the key point of interest. This episode was all just setup, but the buildup of tension and intrigue is really helping this arc shape up to be one of the best so far. A lot of the hints we’ve seen in previous episodes are all starting to converge here, with the upcoming onslaught of the “second great wind”, the separation that is supposed to come with it, the ominous remarks of Albert De Blois, and the explicit involvement of Cordelia and Brian Roscoe. What was rather surprising about this episode, though, was how we got to see quite a bit of Cordelia’s backstory, which just brings up even more questions as to what in the world Albert De Blois is planning.

What was surprising here was seeing Cordelia’s backstory. It has been know for a while now that Cordelia was previously a performer, and met Albert De Blois afterwards. A previously unknown little fact here, though, would be how Brian Roscoe was acquainted with Cordelia even before all the events concerning Albert De Blois popped up. For some reason, I feel as if the early days of the Cordelia x Brian Roscoe relationship was similar to the Kujou x Victorique relationship that we have now.

What was disturbing about Cordelia’s backstory was the manner in which Victorique was born. I mean, Cordelia was kidnapped, impregnated, and a year later chained to a table in the middle of a dark, damp church to give birth? Talk about extremely dreary. Just based on how Victorique’s birth was shown, it’s quite obvious that Albert De Blois had Victorique as more of a strategic investment, as opposed to genuinely wanting to be a father. The situation reminds me of those political marriages in older times, where the marriages were done solely as power plays. Saying that Albert De Blois sees Victorique as a tool is an understatement; he sees her as his exclusive trump card that he feels he can use as he sees fit.

And finally, we are starting to see the beginnings of what looks like the “second great wind” here. The biggest hint would obviously be how Cordelia mentions it, which is why Victorique runs around frantically in search of Kujou. The large presence of soldiers in the play, as well as both Albert De Blois and Victorique’s involvement in the play, both serve as warning signs of what is to come. And somehow, this ties back to a mystery revolving around the royalty of Saubure. I’m guessing the mystery around the royalty, though, is another one of those small time mysteries, only this time leading in to what will be something much grand in scale. Kujou and Victorique do look like they are getting lost in the “chaos” of the times, and how they hold out (and if they ever meet again) is something to look forward to.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.7/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

P.S. I forgot to mention, but there was also the presence of the head of the science ministry (who was earlier revealed as a gray wolf). All the major figures in this series are gathering here, which gives me a rather ominous premonition of things to come.

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  6 Responses to “Gosick – 19”

  1. Wow! The Marquis de Blois is messed up.

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    • Messed up is an understatement. He is an power hungry, audacious, and unrestrained character. He’ll do anything to maintain power and authority, which is why he is such a good example of a proper villain.

      Now if only we got more villains like this guy more often in anime x_x

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  2. 1924, they have yet 15 years to 1939
    this episode was very good

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    • I’m guessing the “great wind” might be another fortune telling event, kind of like the Queen Berry event towards the beginning of the series. That’s my suspicions as to why the timeline doesn’t overlap with WWII. Either that, or maybe the creators will alter when WWII happens :P

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      • Maybe the Second Great Wind doesn’t have to be WWII but rather, a major event that occurred in Sauville?

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      • who knows, maybe that’s why there is no mention about the Fuhrer :) but it’s still 1924
        well in December 1924 he gets released from prison

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