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Gosick – 20

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Jun 032011

Episode 20 -

And now it looks like this series is somewhat back to how it was before, focusing in on a smaller mystery. However, this smaller mystery seems to have a direct correlation with Albert De Blois goals, which makes it much more intriguing. While the mystery itself has quite a few possible predictable outcomes, I can’t quite say for sure exactly what the precise solution here will be. It’s still a mystery how the case revolving around the murdered queen fits in as a “piece of the larger picture”, so to speak, but I guess that’s just part of what makes these later episodes so interesting.

The big difference in this episode would probably be that Victorique actually wasn’t involved in the clue gathering process. Usually Victorique is always there to make some sort of enlightening commentary that solves a lot of the questions, but now that she is gone, the contrast is quite stark in comparison to before. There is much more to think over and ponder precisely because we aren’t being spoon fed by Victorique, which is making this mystery much more interesting than previous ones. Of course, this murder case in context with Albert De Blois’ intentions is a huge part of what makes this interesting, but having a decent small mystery never hurts.

A surprise here would be Kujou’s role in all this. Since the last episode, I was curious as to how Kujou would be involved with the story, especially because it kind of felt as if he “didn’t fit in” to the overall picture. Well, Kujou turned out to be much more competent and straightforward about what he needed to accomplish, and quite frankly, it’s a welcomed change from the typical whiny Kujou.

Kujou actually gets his act together and begins gathering and analyzing info related to the crime, which is probably a first for him. Considering that he doesn’t have Victorique with him, he does quite the admirable job of collecting info. while his method of collecting info (asking around about a 10 year old incident) seems a bit unbelievable, it does produce desirable results.

In the end, though, this episode showcases just how well Kujou has come to understand, and care for, Victorique. His more prominent role here did a good job in highlighting his role for Victorique, as well as reflect the trust Victorique has in him as her partner. Now that their issue is resolved and they are together again, though, the more pressing concern at hand would be how solving this case would help Albert De Blois.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.8/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  6 Responses to “Gosick – 20”

  1. What a freak Victorica’s father is! I hope we get to see him taken down in the final arc.

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    • Victorique’s father just seems to be the very calculating, cunning type in my eyes. Which I guess does translate to a freak, lol.

      I’m kind of disappointed in the Coco Rose mystery because it seems rather simple, which may not bode well for the finale with Albert De Blois. Hopefully this series wraps up well, now that there are only 4 or so episodes left…

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  2. my thoughts are: wtf is going on :)

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    • Indeed. Albert De Blois is up to something that they STILL haven’t really explained. With all this buildup, I hope the actual revelation doesn’t turn out disappointing.

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  3. As for the reason, I think that if the culprit is the king, Albert could use this information to blackmail him into giving more power to the Ministry of the Occult.

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    • There are quite a few theories out there that this is all just a huge power struggle amongst the major branches of the government, which is a really interesting idea. What I’m wondering though, is that if Albert De Blois is really out to blackmail the king, why is it that he is doing so? I feel that he already seems to hold enough power as it is. it may be more that he is out to try and overtake the science ministry, or perhaps even the king himself.

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