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Gosick – 21

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Jun 102011

Episode 21 -

Once we saw what was in that grave, it was pretty easy to figure out the rest of the mysteries surrounding the case of Coco Rose. While I can’t say it was the most inspiring mystery out there, this arc was definitely one of the more intriguing ones out of this series. Albert de Blois didn’t really get anything tangible out of it (though he does seem to be planning something), and Victorique does become formally acquainted with Jupiter Roget, the head of the science ministry. That being said, this arc ended up just being buildup for a future conflict of some sort, most likely a future standoff between the Occult and Science factions of this series. Victorique is obviously becoming entangled in some sort of dangerous power play in the government, with the dignity of the king and the peace of the country seemingly at stake.

Once we learned about the similarities in appearance between the missing actress and the dead queen, it was pretty obvious that their decapitated heads were used to create the “impossible mystery” where the head and body seemed to be literally miles apart from each other. This trick isn’t that hard to see through, but the unexpected twist here is how the alchemist ended up being involved here. Considering the alchemist’s antisocial tendencies displayed in an earlier arc, who would’ve thought that he actual had an affair with the queen herself? It was quite the surprising twist, which led up to the revelation that the queen’s actual murder was over a decade before the publicly recognized (and romanticized) “Queen’s murder” took place.

The mystery itself wasn’t very important, though. What is much more important here is the implications of the mystery. For one, it practically confirms that the King is the one behind murdering the beloved Queen of the land, which would turn out to be quite the controversial revelation. Not to mention, he collaborated with the Ministry of Science and managed to kill some completely innocent people for the sake of covering up his crime. I guess this situation would be equivalent to a large scandal, where the royal family itself would lose trust (and maybe even authority). Considering how loved the queen seems to be (the teacher’s fangirlish screams definitely reflected that =_=; ), the brutal truth about the queen could put both the King and the Science ministry in a rather dire situation. I can see where the speculations regarding Albert De Blois, and that he was trying to figure out the mystery to blackmail those in power, came from (and they make a lot more sense in this situation).

Kujou and Victorique’s relationship, at this point, has definitely solidified to one of mutual trust. Considering how they first met (and how Victorique virtually treated him as an underling), it’s quite nice to see just how far their relationship has come since then. They definitely feel much more like partners now, helping each other in their times of need. I did mention this earlier, but I feel that the Cordelia x Brian Roscoe relationship may be similar to Victorique x Kujou relationship. The only weird thing is…. there are two Brian Roscoes…? Their presence definitely complicates things much more, because now when we look back at earlier episodes we don’t know which of the “two Brian Roscoes” were present.

The case itself was a standalone mystery that I personally thought was a bit lackluster, but it’s the potential repercussions of this mystery that I think could play a huge role in future episodes. The weird thing is, this series only has 3 episodes left, and considering next week’s episode seems to be a regular Christmas episode, that means there probably will be only 2 episodes left to wrap up this series. Hopefully Bones can handle the ending with grace, especially considering how these past few episodes have been steadily building up tension and intrigue. Oh, on a final note, the queen-lookalike maid was an added curveball, but at the same time it felt a bit too convenient in terms of aiming for a “happy end” for the former queen. I guess the authors felt that the queen deserved a “happily ever after”, even when quite a few people died in her place.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.8/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  9 Responses to “Gosick – 21”

  1. Didn’t watch this episode yet. All I want to say is that I KNEW IT! BRIAN ROSCOE has a twin!! (well, I think, it’s a twin, or maybe a clone??)

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    • Well, the series certainly hid the fact that there were doubles quite well. Like I mentioned in the post, this does bring up the question of which Brian Roscoe we’ve been seeing in this series so far, especially because of how the two seem to have different personalities and such.

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  2. All that tension and suspense….. GAHHH!! this episode’s mystery was too easy to work out but still why do the awesome suspense then just handle the buildup with just a simple mini-mystery as part of it that’s to easy and simple… >..<

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    • Well, the next episode does seem to be a “break” in the sense that it’s a Christmas episode (which is kind of funny considering where I live we’re smack in the middle of summer).

      I don’t think there will be much more suspense building until the final few episodes after next week’s, which hopefully wraps things up well. Bones has already finished animating the ending though, which just builds up on the anticipation :o

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  3. because Thule is behind all this

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  4. Am I the only one who had to rewind 3-4 times in the scene where Victorique had the crown on her head? She’s too cute! :D

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  5. The most pressing question is: do the two Roscoes share Cordelia or do they take turns? :-P

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    • Lol. Well, they obviously take turns :P

      This does make me wonder who the boy who would always greet Cordelia after her performances (before she was kidnapped by Albert De Blois) was. Which Roscoe was he, or were there even two Roscoes at that time at all?

      I guess it’s just that we don’t really know much about the history of Brian Roscoe, which is a bit unsettling because he is becoming more and more important as the series continues.

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