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Jul 032011

Episode 01-

Ugh, when I said that Blood-C would be a hit-or-miss in my season preview, I was expecting more of a “hit” than a “miss. But dang, this episode was just terrible. Let’s not even mention the mediocre animation, but the plot here is nonsensical as of now. The characters also are completely forgettable as of now, and the “serious atmosphere” in this episode was a joke. It’s kind of tough to get a serious atmosphere going when you have a main heroine skipping to school while singing a super sugary song. On the plus side, there was one heck of an action scene at the end of the episode, which redeemed the episode somewhat.

Now I may sound biased, but this episode pretty much consisted of almost nothing worth noting, with only one major exception. We got some basic character introduction about Saya, the happy-go-lucky main heroine, and her ditzy female classmate friends. The twins  in particular were fun characters, but not really characters worth noting as of now. And aside from character introductions, what was there? Saya awkwardly falling flat on her face twice in a row? Saya, a highschoolher, jubilantly skipping to school while singing like a kindergartener? Seriously, it’s like this episode was begging for to not be taken seriously.

But wait, there was a fight scene… that literally popped up out of nowhere with virtually no explanation. Why did Saya randomly pick up a sword and proceed to butcher this strange flying Jizo statue? Who knows, but all I know is that after the silly first half, I just couldn’t take this action sequence seriously.

To be fair, the action sequence itself was beautifully choreographed. The sense of physics and realism to it was just great, and for that I do need to give the creators some credit. Not to mention, the soundtrack for this series is sounding pretty good as of now.

While it’s still too early to make any judgements on this series, this was a terrible way to introduce a newly airing series. The episode was mediocre in every way possible, with a poorly thought out story to boot. The only redeeming trait to this episode was the wondrous action sequence, and even then the action just felt rather out of place. Hopefully the next few episodes manage to impress more than this one has.

First Impressions: 6.0/10

Screenshots, OP and ED themes are later in the post.

OP01 – Spiral by DUSTZ

ED01 – Junketsu Paradox (純潔パラドックス) by Nana Mizuki

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