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Jul 312011

Episode 4.5 -

This was quite the unexpected extra episode. This turned out to be an enlightening episode about both Yune’s past, and surprisingly, Camile’s (Alice’s sister) past as well. While I was expecting something related to Yune, the little curveball where there were strong hints about Alice’s sister came as a total surprise. That, and apparently there was some sort of relationship between her and Claude back in the past. Aside from touching upon each of their pasts, though, this episode was peaceful with it’s focus on Yune’s melodic songs, as well as the visiting guitarist’s tunes.

There was very little screentime for Claude and Oscar, and instead, the episode focused on the arrival of a traveling guitarist who happens to know Japanese tunes. Of course, Yune is surprised at hearing Japanese tunes back in Paris, and is even more surprised when Alice brings both Yune and the guitarist to her garden so that they can perform a mini-concert for her. Alice is quite the demanding young aristocrat, eh? The concert itself has some very relaxed, slow and peaceful tunes, and while Yune’s singing wasn’t amazing, her voice fit the music quite well.

One plot twist here was how the guitarist was familiar with a tune that Yune’s older sister had taught in the past. The story behind this tune is that the song was written by a man who was separated from his love due to social/ethnic differences. There are very strong hints that Yune’s sister was under similar conditions, and surprisingly enough, it may have also been the same to Camile.

Camile’s very strong response, where she says that love shouldn’t be bound by such means, sticks out like a sore thumb. A flashback with a younger Camile and Claude do strongly imply that she has feelings for him, ever since her childhood. My guess is that due to their difference in social status, they couldn’t be together (or at least, her family refused to let them). While the episode was lax and goofy on the surface, at the same time the story touched upon some melancholy stories about forlorn lovers, and saddening love tales.

In the end, Yune and Alice, as well as the rest of the cast, were pretty much oblivious to the importance of the story that was told here. But for Camile, and probably for Yune’s sister as well, this story held a lot more importance and significance to them. At the same time, we do learn that Yune’s sister played a crucial role in Yune’s childhood. The character development for these two sister figures was great, even more impressive if you consider how the two have barely gotten any screentime up until now. The ambient atmosphere proved to create a nice balance with the subtle little bits of backstory for the sisters. That being said, I wonder if this love story will ever get a true happy end. Maybe Yune’s sister would know.

Overall Enjoyment: 4.0/5

P.S. Sorry for the low quality screenshots, but it seems that there won’t be any HD raws for a while.

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  5 Responses to “Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – 4.5 (Special)”

  1. Off topic but that guitarist looks a bit like Mugi from K-ON

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    • Hah, that’s exactly what I thought too. I noticed those darn bushy eyebrows right away, though she isn’t quite in character due to her guitar rather than a keyboard :P

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  2. I never knew this episode existed!! Seeing as how there’s a connection between Claude and Camille’s families, i’m very interested >_<

    hope ayako subs this

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    • Unfortunately, this episode was aired in quite low quality, and it might’ve been online only (not too sure on this). All I know for sure is that we won’t see a HQ release until DVD/BD sales, which means fansub groups might not be willing to take the job until good copies are available.

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