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Aug 082011

Episode 06 -

You know, Alice is a much more fun character when she is not the central cause of the conflict. Rather than creating some forced drama, Alice is much more fitting as a simple character who loves to giggle and has fun. Anyways, the central conflict this episode was actually quite subtle, and surprisingly enough brings some focus back upon the Claude-Camille relationship that was brought up earlier. Camille’s feelings were rather tastefully portrayed, and proved to bring a slight mature and complex tone to the otherwise goofy nature to this episode.

Long story short, this episode is about Alice trying to get Yune to take a few photographs. It’s funny how obsessed Alice is with Japanese culture, yet she her excitement lets her get carried away and not even try on kimonos properly. The rather interesting bits here were the details both Yune and Alice discussed with regards to their cultural wardrobes, from kimonos to frilly dresses, corsets and so forth. Their reactions to each other were quite genuine, and seeing how giggly yet uncomfortable they were in each other’s cultural clothing was quite funny. Yune in a frilly dress doesn’t quite fit though, she’s much better off in a kimono. This does lead to Yune’s inability to reach a cat, mainly because of her large dress, and was pretty hilarious, lol.

While the central focus here might’ve been Japanese and French garments, this episode was also very good at subtly pointing at some sort of relationship between Claude and Camille. The characterization here was well done, and did a nice job in adding a shade of seriousness to this whimsical episode. This definitely relates back to the backstory we see about Camile and Claude back in episode 4.5.

In the end, this episode was a simple episode that detailed the cultural customs that come with each other’s clothes. And in that aspect, it turns out that the writers researched things quite thoroughly. Along with that came a rather subtle bit of drama that I personally thought was great.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.9/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  2 Responses to “Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – 06”

  1. I like this! Drama in ikoku! Camille and Claude and Yune triangle-love (I hate triangle love usually though)!
    snif snif, I want to watch the episode 4.5 so badly! But I also want to wait for the subs :’(

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    • Well, the raw is out in LQ, so I’m pretty sure some sub group out there will pick it up. Heck, the dialogue is simple enough so that I could probably translate it. I would just need a typesetter, timer, etc.

      But yea, it seems Ayako might pick up the ep, so hopefully it’ll be out sometime.

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