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Aug 142011

Episode 20 -

Well, this was definitely a funny episode. I was busting my gut laughing over Minko’s “Love” omurice for Tohru. While on the surface this episode seemed to be about a rather normal day (and learn that there are many ways to cook omurice), the arc did manage to stay consistent with it’s theme about friendship. This episode is at times very subtle at emphasizing it’s themes and ideas, and while I appreciate the subtlety, at the same time it’s really tough to see the fruits and rewards of everything that’s unfolding.

The biggest aspect to this episode was probably it’s questioning of what “friendships” and “relationships” constitutes, and what kind of friendships there are out there. Of course, it doesn’t directly ask the question in the episode, but in the entire arc there are quite a few scenarios that reflect upon such. There’s the obvious dynamic between Minko, Ohana, and Nako (with Yuina playing an observer role), then there’s less pronounced relationships like Minko’s relationship with the omurice girl, the omurice girl’s relationship with the unnamed-boy that she has a crush on, and Tohru’s relationship with both Minko and Ohana. Then there’s the awkward relationship between Nako and her classmate, which works out rather well by the end of this arc.  There’s even the scene that explains Minko’s relationship with the restaurant she visited in her childhood, which became her inspiration to become a cook in the first place. Everything in this arc places emphasis on the web of friendships amongst all the characters, and how that all of these seemingly minor relationships and quirks come together to produce this simple, normal day at a highschool festival.

Like I said though, on the surface the story seems to be about the everyday life of Ohana, Minko, and Nako, only this time they’re thrown into a school festival. They do typical stuff like fret over love/crushes, worry about how to cook food, show concern for each other, gossip about each other, and so forth. Quite honestly, if you take this episode at face value, all you get out of it is learning how to make omurice in two different ways. The conflict from the last episode neatly resolved itself without more omurice drama, and in general the episode ended on an uneventful note. So yea, while I liked this episode’s emphasis on friendship and relationships, at the same time I would appreciate some stronger, more bold plot progression. It’s especially notable if you consider we are already well past the halfway point for Hanasaku Iroha.

Oh, on a side note, there was a single vague hint at Tohru showing interest in Ohana (though it was very brief). Considering how the next episode preview suggests that Tohru might get married, I’m not sure what to expect out of that ( ̄□ ̄;)

Overall Enjoyment: 3.7/5

P.S. I totally didn’t expect a Hiromi cameo, but considering how True tears was made by PA works, I guess it isn’t a complete surprise. They even mention “P.A. works” on corner of the poster in the cameo, lol. I still remember back when there were Hiromi vs Noe shipping wars while True tears was airing. Ah, those were fun to watch.

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  8 Responses to “Hanasaku Iroha – 20”

  1. Another misleading preview =.=; I think Mr. no presence and Ms. engrish are the ones getting married rather than Tohru himself. “Rebirth of ‘Die’” (courtesy of HorribleSubs) is the title of the next episode. It probably means Minko will again be cursing Ohana to die =/. After all, Ohana in the preview asked “Tohru likes me?”

    If I am wrong and Tohru is indeed getting married, the makers just eliminated an arc most viewers want to see. An arc about Minko, Tohru, Ohana, and possibly even Ko. Which means they are idiots. =.=;

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    • Haha, Hanasaku is pretty famous in it’s fanbase for it’s trollish episode previews. I’m trying to not pay too much attention to them, but they still always get me somehow with some crazy phrase. “Marriage” automatically rings off alarms in my head, lol.

      I surprisingly do hope the next episode turns out to be drama-heavy, because I just can’t imagine the hell that could break loose if Tohru really is getting married. It sounds like alot of fun :3

      Strange thing about this series, though, is how it tends to not overreact to sudden plot twists, and tries to keep things relatively natural. I just wish the next episode was out already so I wouldn’t have to ponder over it for a week.

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  2. I’m also agree that the ones that will get married are Enishi and Takako. Hanasaku Iroha is constantly making misleading previews, so I think that’ll be happening.

    If that title proves to be true, the most possible escenario is Minko saying “Die” again. Rather than Ohana, I think that Tôru could also receive that “Die!” because of a misunderstanding.

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    • I also suspect there’s something going on between Enishi and Takako, but considering their relationship in the last episode they were featured, they just don’t seem to be in the “lovebird” type relationship. Them getting married would feel extremely sudden o_o;

      I do wonder if all the Minko x Tohru x Ohana stuff will finally become a major issue this episode, because it’s been hinted at for a long time now. Definitely looking forward to it >:3

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  3. “Everything in this arc places emphasis on the web of friendships amongst all the characters, and how that all of these seemingly minor relationships and quirks come together to produce this simple, normal day at a highschool festival.”

    Good insight and analysis. What I noticed from this episode is that Ohana is adorable… and she has flowers in her hair, like her name.

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    • Is that sarcasm I sense? o_o;

      Well, I always figured that the “Ohana” and “flowers in her hair” were kind of obvious, but what I don’t know is if there’s a deeper meaning behind it all. I’d like to say there isn’t and I’m just overthinking things, but you never know…

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  4. OMG big drama next episoddeee!

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