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Aug 302011

Episode 09 -

This episode delved further into the Claude x Camile debacle, and it turns out it’s just as deep-rooted as I had come to expect. At this point, this series is working to flesh out the relationship between the two to get a conflict going, and thankfully it’s quite the well-developed conflict. Unlike the usual focus on the cultural differences between Japan and France, this episode is going through the social tensions within each respective culture, which in my opinion makes for a much better story. I do believe this is a 12 episode series, so seeing proper development like this is really nice to see.

What I do appreciate is the story’s continued development of Claude and Camille. Just based on the past few episodes, there is quite a long history between the two, and it adds a sense of heft and seriousness to the conflict at hand. There does seem to be a strange dynamic here where the two both blame each other to some extent for the current situation, and their interactions reflect this in a rather intriguing manner. They don’t seem to have a comprehensive understanding of each other’s perspectives, which is causing a tremendous level of anxiety. Funny how Yune, a completely unrelated girl, ended up being the catalyst for this entire affair.

Interestingly enough, the creators also decided to briefly throw in Yune’s sister into the mix. Based on Yune’s seemingly melancholy yet happy memories of her sister, it feels as if Yune is in a situation somewhat related to what’s going on here, and the hints thrown in this episode do make me wonder more about her past. One interesting little thing a friend pointed out to me earlier is how in episode 4.5, Yune’s sister has bluish eyes, which is a rather strong contrast to the dark-greenish eyes that Yune has. Quite the odd little detail.

Either ways, this episode turned out as a pretty decent buildup episode, and the series in general has done an excellent job with exploring the feelings of Claude and Camile. Strangely enough, while Yune was the catalyst for this conflict, I get the feeling she will somehow wrap up this conflict as well. As to what role she will be playing from here on, maybe she’ll be kind of like a beacon to guide the way. I can’t really say anything for certain, but she is definitely the factor that is inducing change and pushing the story forward.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.7/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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