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Sep 162011

Episode 11 -

Hrm, well it looks like Mayo Chiki is trying to get serious as the end of the series approaches. We have been seeing buildup towards the conflict that’s being brought up here, where Subaru seems to hold some rather ambiguous feelings towards Jiro. It does have a noticeable impact on how she treats Jiro, and Suzutsuki of course realizes this. Jiro, on the other hand, is aware of the changes in Subaru’s attitude, but hasn’t really acted upon it.

As for humor, Suzutsuki really stole the show this time around. From Suzutsuki’s random cutesy hiccups, to her “slap the nurse with money” gag, and her standard teasing antics, there was some decently fun gags here. However, at the same time there was a rather heavy atmosphere prevalent throughout the episode, where it was pretty obvious that Suzutsuki was very concerned with Subaru’s current condition.

The serious vibe does kill the usual silly vibe to this series, but at the same time there is a decent mix of comedy and plot (which is a surprise considering how fanservicey this series can get). The conflict itself does feel rather forced though, where this simple misunderstanding can be cleared up with a few simple sentences. But alas, there would be no drama if the storywent the logical way right?

Quick Impressions: 3.0/5

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