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Oct 202011

Episode 02 -

It looks like I’ll have to seriously re-adjust my expectations for this series. As of now, the one standout category for Guilty Crown is it’s production quality. The animation quality maintained it’s high standards from last week, and looked absolutely gorgeous. The story, on the other hand, does still feel a bit lackluster. That being said, overall this is a definitely improvement from last week; the story felt more coherent, and the action flowed well for the most part. There are some glaring plot holes though, which don’t quite bode well for the future.

The interesting little twist here is how, if you want to do Code Geass comparisons, Guilty crown also does have it’s charismatic-somewhat-Lelouch-like character. Unlike Code geass though, rather than tell the story from the perspective of such a leader, we are told the story from the perspective of the wimpy guy named Shu. He’s practically an underling, aka a character who almost seems like a side-character (except that he isn’t). This does bring in room for a lot of character growth for Shu, where over the course of this entire conflict we’ll probably see him grow up quite a bit. However, his very apathetic stance is still disappointing to see in a main character. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be dragged into one heck of a mess, and will need to seriously toughen up to get through it all.

And indeed, with Shu holding a ridiculously powerful skill from the Void genome, Gai and the resistance better drag Shu into any messes they get involved in. His ability will definitely be a crucial tool in future endeavors, and we’ve already seen part of just how useful the Void ability actually is. What I found rather notable is how Shu can use his ability on anybody, so he can get weapons from people other than Inori. Shu extracts the crazy reflector weapon out of that crazy blonde-haired pilot, all against the pilot’s will too. The idea of being to extract out a super-weapon from anybody at a moment’s notice is truly a powerful asset; it’s a complete shame that someone as unmotivated as Shu got his hands on it.

The action in this episode, for the most part, was pretty intense, especially the bits with Shu throwing his ability into the mix to create that crazy reflector shield thingy. Another thing that Guilty crown definitely has potential for is some awesome action sequences, especially after the ones from this week. Stunningly good animation and action isn’t exactly a bad combination, after all.

There are, admittingly, a ton of cliches to this series as of now. There is the typical main character Shu, the seemingly personality-less Inori, and the very unimaginative villains. Then there’s some notable plot holes like why Gai didn’t take away the Genome from Shu back in episode one if it was really meant to be his, and how Gai managed to plan out extracting a weapon from the blonde dude and know exactly what the said new weapon would be capable of. And how in the world can Inori transfer into Shu’s school when she’s a wanted fugitive? Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention during the episode or something, because those are some major plot holes. Nonetheless, Guilty Crown promises to be a beautifully animated, action-packed series, all with a solid setting and a cast of characters that have a lot of room for improvement. I can’t say I’m thrilled about this series yet, but it’s not particularly bad either.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.8/5

P.S. I did note how fantastic the visual quality for this series is, but I can’t help but point it out again. The details put into this show are incredible, where everything from Tsugumi’s 3D interface, to the invisibility cloaks, and even simple little details in the background, are all beautifully drawn and animated. The animation during action sequences is buttery smooth as well; you could just see the increase in the frame rate. The story might be generic as of now, but it’s still a wonder to watch each episode unfold.

Screenshots and OP theme are later in the post.

OP01 – My Dearest by supercell, performed by Koeda


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  13 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 02”

  1. “Gai didn’t take away the Genome from Shu back in episode one if it was really meant to be his”

    Cause maybe he thought shu will never know how to use it, and another is bec. of the circumstances ( their path has been block, and asking shu to throw it is pretty risky) :p

    “How Gai managed to plan out extracting a weapon from the blonde dude and know exactly what the said new weapon would be capable of.”

    It’s either he bet on darlyn nicknames “kaleidoscope” or basically he did some research about it
    since he already know what that stolen void can do… so doing some research on what kind of weapon will appear if he used it on a “well know” char.

    This episode is good… I really love the music and art being used on this anime…..
    and finally episode 2 got less code geass vibes…so I’m hoping people will stop comparing the two

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    • Well, if you look at this screenshot (, Shu and Gai were literally standing right next to each other. I don’t see why Gai didn’t take it away from Shu then, especially when later on in the episode Gai said to protect the genome. There is the possibility that Gai did that on purpose, though it still contradicts what he said in this episode. I mean, Gai knew Shu’s name before they even met, so maybe there’s some reason behind it.

      As for doing research, how do you “research” how to extract certain weapons using an experimental ability that’s never been seen before? I mean, there are supposedly only 3 void genomes in existence, so I doubt Gai would know exactly how it works. Gai’s planning was heavily reliant on the ability, even when there wasn’t complete certainty to the plan. It was a cool idea, but a bit too risky in my opinion.

      There are other notable plot holes too, but at this point I’m already starting to phase out my concerns for the plot, and instead am just looking for some solid action. As I already said, eye-popping animation and action are never a bad combination ( ̄ー ̄)

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      • “Well, if you look at this screenshot (, Shu and Gai were literally standing right next to each other.”

        Well he is still on the process of asking shu about inori when a sudden “fight” happens

        “I mean, Gai knew Shu’s name before they even met, so maybe there’s some reason behind it.”

        I’m pretty sure fyu neru recorded shu and inroi’s conversation….. and shu’s determination to not give fyu neru on the thugs

        “I doubt Gai would know exactly how it works.”

        Oh… then how can he explain the ability of the kings to shu….. About the research it’s pretty obvious that he stole the info from the developer of that power, he even knows that there’s only 3 of it

        “There are other notable plot holes too”

        That’s why I love this kind of anime…. plotholes are made for the fans to think….cause for me it’s too boring if all the question are being answer :p

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        • Well, like I said earlier, it’s probably too early for to make assumptions. I mean, we are only on the second episode.

          That being said, plot holes can make a series fun… unless the plot holes are HUGE. Thank god that hasn’t happened yet, lol.

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        • actually I wouldn’t say that is a plot hole since there’s only two episode…

          I will say it’s a plot hole if there’s only last 5 epi left or if the anime ends already :/

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        • Well, I did say how it’s a bit too early to say for sure. Guilty Crown has plenty of time to clear things up, but as of this moment, there are plot holes. A few more episodes might iron out the inconsistencies, but until that happens they’re still plot holes. I mean, there are more issues than the ones I pointed out, but they’re relatively minor. Still, the writers for this series certainly need to cleanup a bit.

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  2. I noticed that the openings of both Guilty Crown and Persona 4 end in the same way (with a pile of tv’s) but Guilty Crown’s version kicks ass !!

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    • Haha, but the TV’s make much more sense in Persona 4… as of now, at least. I mean, in P4 the characters travel into those actual TVs. Guilty Crown… well, it looks nice (´・ω・`)

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  3. That Tsugumi ass shot…

    Saved! :D

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    • haha, the butt-push eh? IG definitely isn’t trying to be subtle with it’s fanservice, but at least it’s more tasteful than a lot of other series out there. The bits with Ayase were pretty fanservicey too. Of course, the main prize is Inori, who’s practically a walking doll as of now. I wonder if Inori will turn out to be a kuudere character…

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  4. Maybe Shu must imagine any kind of weapon at the moment he “extracts” the weapon to make it. Once he chosses a weapon from someone, that weapon will remains unchanged to that person. At the first time, maybe Shu thought about a sword so he drew a sword form Inori. Then, when facing Daryl, perhaps he was thinking about a reflector and extracted a reflector from him.

    Anyway, I don’t think that Shu’s mission was precisely extracting a laser reflector from Daryl and use it. It rather a mission to disable the mechas and Daryl and his mecha and extract a reflector from any soldier there.

    I also wonder how Inori got to be a transfer student. Maybe only Division 3 has awknowledged Inori as a rebel terrorist, and not saying anything to the others just to have merit themselves.

    Shu’s actions are reallistic. Afterall, he’s only a 16-17 year old asocial student, not a kid with a new toy to play as a hero.

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    • You do make a good point there; we haven’t actually been told how Shu’s ability actually works. Maybe he can imagine the weapon to make, but then why did he specifically have to target an enemy pilot? Couldn’t he have just used some other random member of the resistance? I guess he could’ve done it to disable the pilot from moving, but that’s still a rather unnecessary risk. There’s got to be more to his ability than we currently know, but I just don’t see it yet.

      The situation with Inori is still ambiguous as of now, but one other thing I’m wondering is why nobody in the class mentioned “wow, that’s the vocalist of EGOIST right?”. Inori is supposed to be pretty famous, after all, so it’s kind of weird that nobody pointed that out as soon as they saw her. Maybe she’s not as famous as we thought she was…?

      Well, criticizing plot for Guilty Crown is pretty pointless as of now I guess. We’re too early into the series, and the creators haven’t really taken the time to properly explain things yet. We do have 20 more episodes though, so we (hopefully) have plenty of time.

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  5. “Maybe Shu must imagine any kind of weapon at the moment he “extracts” the weapon to make it. Once he chosses a weapon from someone, that weapon will remains unchanged to that person.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s not the explanation of gai’s give

    Shu have the power to extract this “void” on any people.. and the shape will depend on the person’s personality or something like that

    I’m not sure if I used the correct word on personality but that’s the basic of his power

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