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Nov 182011

Episode 19 -

Woah, well this episode certainly didn’t hold back in making the plot even more complicated. While I can’t say the plot twists here were completely unexpected, they were definitely quite out there. The twist with Himari was already kind of expected, but the part with Shouma was shocking to see. Ikuhara’s plot twists here do add an entirely different dimension to the story, now with a rather strange love triangle going on. Well ok, not really a love triangle, but more of a very complex setup of different romances.

That being said, Penguindrum’s focus has always been about the concept of fate. Or to be more specific, being able to defy fate, as we’ve already noticed with Tabuki and Yuri’s attempts at trying to revive Momoka. That same basic concept can be extended here to all of these love relationships. Himari is fated to be Shouma’s partner, while Kanba is trying to defy that fate and be together with Himari. Masako is trying to reclaim what she says was originally her fate, and is trying to separate Himari from Kanba. And then there’s Ringo, who unknowingly is interfering with the supposed fate between Shouma and Himari. And then there’s Himari’s alter ego, the “Princess of the Crystal”, whom is trying to initiate a “survival strategy”, and seems to be familiar with the pink-haired man whom wants to “realign fate”. If you spell out each and every instance of how people are trying to defy fate in this series, you quickly come to realize that there are dozens of such plotlines happening in parallel in this series.

Interestingly enough, this episode once again confirms the special existence that Momoka was. We see how the pink-haired doctor wants Momoka’s diary to be destroyed, which implies that Momoka’s diary is an obstacle to his goal. For one, this implies that the pink-haired dude himself is no ordinary existence, and already knows exactly what the issues with the overall situation are. Second, he sets himself up as someone of equal status as Momoka, and as we already are well aware of, Momoka was one heck of an influential girl. There is much more to him than meets the eye, and those two black rabbits make him even more of an enigma.

And finally, there was the little twist where Kanba actually knew perfectly well where his parents were. It seems that his parents are still aiming for some sort of goal, though it’s unknown exactly what they’re striving for. We do know that Kanba is fully cooperating with them, which implies that their goal may have something to do with saving Himari from her uncurable disease. At least, there’s no other reason for him to fully cooperate with his parents, and that makes me wonder exactly what they are scheming.

Mawaru Penguindrum continues to impress with it’s crazy plot twists that add a lot of complexity and depth to the characters. The interweaving web of relationships to this series has been impeccably well executed, even if the acting at times is a bit too excessive. I am starting to notice more issues with production quality to this series though; the animation quality has started to dip, with more inconsistently drawn characters and disproportionate body ratios popping up here and there.

Overall Enjoyment: 4.0/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

Penguindrum 19 art

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