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Nov 292011

Episode 09 -

Woah, talk about funky new ways of censorship. I never quite anticipated a random block of the air to be blocked out by a big white fog, lol. I guess it’s these sort of scenes that sell the blu-rays and DVDs, eh?

But yea, this episode had to be one of the cheesiest episodes out of this series so far. And yet, this episode does accomplish what it sets out to do; be ridiculously adorable and innocent with it’s characters. I can pretty much see why this series has “Mashiro-Iro” in it’s title. Mashiro Iro roughly translates to “pure white”, and this series certainly reeks of pure, super-sugary-sweet, innocent romances. The pangs of jealousy running through Sana’s mind certainly push forward this idea of innocent love, and at this point, I think I could rule out Airi as the main heroine.

In a way Mashiro-Iro is refreshing, mainly because while it’s ridiculously cheesy, at the same time it’s not pandering to the ridiculous stereotypes that have plagued the harem genre for years. There’s some actual properly done romance, and although the characters are eyebogglingly stereotypical, at least they’re not pulling off harem-panty-shot antics in every other scene. That, and the main character can actually have a NORMAL relationship with girls. In most harem anime “normal” usually consists of the guy going googly-eyed whenever a girl tries to show even a hint at being friendly with him.

Mashiro-Iro isn’t terribly original, but at least it’s trying to avoid some of the pitfalls of this genre. Then again, trying and succeeding are two different things. This series is definitely one of those that I will forget in a year or two, with a very unmemorable main character and some dull heroines. But hey, I guess at least it’s being all cutesy along the way, right? >.>;

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  2 Responses to “Quick Impressions – Mashiro Iro Symphony – 09”

  1. Lol, I enjoyed this episode, since it had more Miu action, but hell, the white fog on the screen made my day.

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    • It’s cute with it’s romance, which keeps the show surprisingly engaging at times. The characters are still kind of dull, but it’s not nearly as bad as before.

      But that white fog of light? Never knew that bathrooms had lights that shine horizontally, lol… o_o;

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