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Jan 202012

Episode 13 -

As expected, with Gai’s death now pretty much confirmed, Guilty Crown is going in the direction I had hoped for back in episode 5; exploring the growth of Shu as a character through the death of Gai. This new direction is something that has been well overdue, mind you, but it’s better late then never. And while I restrict this to only Shu, Gai was obviously the big role model for everybody else as well. Thus after seeing his death, it’s only fitting that we’re gradually going to see more focus on the rest of the cast’s growth as they come to terms with reality. That being said, even with this change in focus, the character development isn’t exactly off to a promising start; this episode’s way of developing upon Ayase’s character was fairly mediocre and predictable, which I hope does not happen with the remainder of the cast.

Guilty Crown has, in general, reeked of mediocre writing. Or to be more specific, reeked of poorly written characters. This does look like it might improve with the upcoming new episodes though, where the escalation in the situation will probably lead to the birth of some new organization that is rebelling against the political authorities. And, of course, this rise of a rebellious in the face of adversity will place tremendous strain Shu, Inori, and every other cast member that we’ve come to know so far.Will the cast be able to carry the mantle of Gai, and boldly step forward? This latter half of the series will probably be all about seeing our cast grow into more strong-willed human beings, all while keeping in mind their predecessor, Gai. And I sure as heck expect Shu to be at the forefront of such change.

Even with this general change in direction, it looks like the writers will have to polish their skills up some more. While I appreciate the development for Ayase in this episode, at the same time it was overdramatic and unrefined in the way in which it explored her emotional conflicts. Most importantly, a bunch of aspects to this episode just felt unnatural. Guilty Crown was already well known for being a derivative work, but this episode really put the icing on the cake; it was completely and utterly predictable with it’s plot progression, and approached the problem at hand in the most generic way possible.

In the end, Guilty Crown has decidedly changed the overtones to the latter half of this series, only for to royally screw up in the very first episode of this second half with a mediocre story. The character development still is weak, and the writing remains horrific as well. The new direction to the plot is sensible, and if executed right, could be amazing. But Guilty Crown is a perfect example of a show where the devil is in the details; it has a solid idea of what it’s trying to do, but is messing up the actual, detailed implementation of such a story.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.4/5

Screenshots, OP02 and ED02 are later in the post.

OP02 -The Everlasting Guilty Crown by EGOIST

ED02 – Kokuhaku (告白) by supercell

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