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Apr 032012

Episode 14 -

…What in the world did I just watch? O_o;;

This episode was fairly normal until about halfway in, then it went all Nisiosin-style with some wordplay, a bunch of rather awkward (and strange) situations, and finally, a weird “rebirthing” after burying people alive in a graveyard. Seriously, I have no idea what the heck the creators were aiming for with this episode.

But yea, this episode was quite strange in what it tried to do; it attempted to give the main cast an intimate understanding of death, mainly by burying every single student underground as if they were corpses. Then there was the added commentary on the “sound of worms”, decaying and disappearing, and a bunch of talking about all the main character’s insecurities. The conclusion, in it’s simplest form, was simply trying to say that “you are not alone”, and that everybody is part of a greater whole that moves forward with time. Mikono’s presence emphasized such, with her “power to connect” and all.

The most surreal part of all this was how everybody appeared in eggs on the ground, and Mikono wished them “Happy Birthday” once the cast hatched out of their eggs. What the…? I seriously think I missed soemthing here.

In my personal opinion, this episode felt kind of like a filler episode, where nothing really noteworthy happens aside from Kagura magically transporting himself into the ground in a different dimension. I also have a hard time buying that Yunoha was depressed enough to wish herself to die; her relationship with Jin did not get enough development for her to not want to live without him.

The only possible reasoning behind this episode I could think of is that it was trying to show us, the audience, where everybody stands as a character. Mikono worries about others, Amata has issues with what happened to his mother, Zessica is trying to rationalize her anti-Mikono feelings, and Yunoha is just being overly dramatic and depressed. In that sense I guess this episode did well, but consequently there was a noticeable lack of action.

Screenshots are later in the post.

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  2 Responses to “Quick Impressions – Aquarion Evol – 14”

  1. It’s not filler.

    This is the deal with the issues of death episode and be reborn renewed.

    It’s just that instead of doing it on a metaphorical level, kawamori did it on a very literal level

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    • It was still rather surreal. entertaining, sure, but still strange enough to make me wonder what the purpose of this episode was.

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