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Aug 022011

Episode 18 -

Well, after the setup in the previous arcs, this episode didn’t really come as a surprise. As expected, this episode worked towards undoing the effects of Rukako’s D-mail, the one that had changed Rukako from a boy to a girl. While this episode was hilarious, at the same time it didn’t hit quite the same emotional strings that Feyris’ and Suzuha’s did. What bugs me, though, there are some rather glaringly obvious things that Okarin could have tried outside of reverting the effects of Rukako’s gender. While it’s probably due to the visual novel origins of this series’ story, I’m still finding it kind of frustrating that Okarin doesn’t try anything different. We do finally get some Rukako character development though, and that I do appreciate.

Right away, we knew it would be pretty iffy for Okarin to once again reassert that Rukako is a boy, especially now that Ruka is a female in this world line. I didn’t expect Okarin to be forced on a date with Ruka though. O_O;;  It was probably a huge shock to Okarin too, mainly because Okarin sees Rukako as a boy. All things considered, I would’ve never guessed that Makise would get so serious about preparing for Okarin’s date. I mean, she even prepared a suit, tie, and handkerchief for him. Seeing Okarin in a full-blown suit feels really surreal, but it’s pretty damn hilarious too. Mad scientist in normal clothes? Lol. Okarin is also super terrible at being a proper date. “Subtly change to the other side”? Okarin really has no experience eh.

Anyways, aside from all the silliness of this episode, the parts revolving around the D-mail were fairly serious. It seems that, somehow, even Rukako had some sort of residual memories of previous world lines (similar to Feyris). This entails some rather melancholy scenes about how Rukako doesn’t want to turn back into a guy, but decides to go through with it in order for to save Mayuri. It was a rather touching and telling scene about Rukako and her conflicting feelings about her true gender, and proved to provide some decent development for him/her.

However, there’s one thing that really, really bugs me about this episode. Rukako reveals that she accidentally broke the IBN5100 about one year prior. Well, if we know that the IBN5100 was safe until a year earlier, why can’t Okarin just warn Rukako with a D-mail, and prevent it from breaking? Why does Okarin need to go as far as changing back Rukako’s gender, when he can simply prevent Rukako from breaking it in the first place? I understand the situation for Feyris, where they had no way of locating the lost IBN machine from several years prior. But logically speaking, there is no reason why Okarin couldn’t have went about a different approach in Rukako’s case, especially considering that it’s merely one year beforehand. I guess this has to do with how the original Visual Novel went about things, but I wish the anime adaptation could’ve addressed the flaws here a bit more. Also, it might have something to do with Okarin no longer wanting to take risks with the D-mails, which makes sense considering everything Okarin has been through.

For the moment, this series has become predictable because we know Okarin will be undoing every D-mail we’ve already seen. Nevertheless, each of these arcs have proven to be pretty awesome for character development, which was sorely lacking before. Once again, though, these reversals of D-mails brings us back to the biggest foreseeable obstacle, all the way from episode one. There’s that D-mail that Okarin sent that saved Makise from death, and if this trend holds, we know that Okarin will have to mess with that D-mail.

In other words, we’ll be revisiting the events of the first episode. The title of the first episode, “Prologue of the Beginning and the End“, is the perfect and most fitting title for such an important, critical episode. If you’re following this series, you should really go back and rewatch the first episode or two again. In hindsight, it’s amazing just how well thought out those beginning episodes were.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.5/5

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Jul 262011

Episode 17 -

Wow, and here I thought Suzuha’s arc was emotional. Feyris’ arc is every bit as powerful as Suzuha’s arc, and pushes a huge moral dilemma upon both Feyris and Okabe. It’s an episode like this one that really shows how powerful of an effect D-mails can have on people’s lives, and in this arc in particular, show how ruinous they can be as well. And not to mention, all of the emotional roller-coasters that Okabe is experiencing is a great way to develop his character, where in each and every new world line, Okabe comes to appreciate all of the great people around him, as well as the true level of complexity and depth to all the time travel experiments he’s been doing.

I had always kind of doubted Feyris as a important character to this series, but this episode definitely managed to disprove that. I guess after Feyris’ original D-mail, I had my suspicions about her, but dang, who would’ve known she used the D-mail to prevent the death of her father? Right off the bat, this brings a huge moral issue into the equation. While saving Mayuri from her fate is indeed important, who is to say that saving Feyris’ father’s life is equally as important? What rational logic is there to let your own beloved family member die, only for to help out a friend in dire need? The classic “who can say one life is more important than another” argument truly applies here, and it’s truly a terrifying dilemma for Feyris. Feyris’ decision to save Mayuri and let her father pass away was a very mature one on her part, and has increased my respect for her several times over. It’s still really saddenning to think of though.

Now I don’t quite understand how the D-mail was involved with the kidnapping business and saving the father, but the result was that Feyris’ father was saved, and the IBN5100 he had been entrusted with from Suzuha was sold off to protect Feyris. It’s really amazing just how vital of a role that this IBN5100 plays in this story, where it has a drastic effect on absolutely everything in Steins;Gate. Seriously, when the IBN5100 first disappeared back in the early episodes, I thought that it wasn’t very important because nothing happened right away. Oh boy, was I wrong o_o;

What’s great about this series so far is how the story itself was so meticulously setup, and now Okarin must go through hell to reverse the actual story so far. However, in the process of this reversion, we are seeing just how life-changing these world line changes have been for the characters they affected. Reversing these new world lines is exposing a lot of the character’s joys and sorrows that came with the changes, which is what has makes the most recent arcs able to pluck at the heartstrings, all with no end in sight to this messy situation.

At this point, the plot should be fairly predictable in a few ways, but it will probably still has a lot of emotional weight to everything. From rescuing Mayuri from death, to erasing irreplacable memories with friends, to erasing the existence of your very own family members, this series just keeps piling on the emotional drama. As for predictability, it’s quite obvious that from now on Okabe will keep reversing the previously sent D-mails to get his hands on the IBN5100 again, with the next D-mail to reverse being the one with Ruka. But how the heck did Ruka’s gender change affect the IBN5100, I wonder…?

Overall Enjoyment: 4.2/5

P.S. While I do think Feyris reversing the D-mail was the best solution, I find it a bit odd how Okarin and Feyris didn’t try to find any alternative solutions. I guess I shouldn’t get too greedy and hope that everybody gets a happy ending x_x  And on a slightly random note, more Makise x Okarin development is always a good thing in my book :3

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Jul 192011

Episode 16 -

Well, I can’t say this episode wasn’t without flaws, but it was still one of the most emotionally powerful episodes so far. Also, warning, this post has spoilers galore. With this episode, the arc revolving around Hashida Suzuha is finally finished, and oh man was it heartbreaking. The biggest revelation here would be the confirmation of the much suspected father-daughter relationship between Daru and Suzuha. However, it wasn’t this revelation that made this episode so compelling, but the events that occurred afterwards. While I don’t quite approve of the randomness of the plot twists that do happen, these plot twists force Okabe to make some rather heartwrenching decisions, with some major consequences.

Like I said earlier, the biggest revelation here would be how Daru was indeed Suzuha’s father, which was hinted at since episode 10 or so. What made this revelation a bit odd though was the resulting “poignant” moment between Daru and Suzuha. The sudden “father-daughter bond” that popped up out of nowhere between the two felt a bit awkward, especially considering how not even a few minutes before then, Daru was joking around and flirting with Suzuha. It felt unnatural, but I guess it was touching nonetheless.

What made this episode much more compelling, though, was what unfolded after Suzuha travelled backwards in time, and oh man what a mess it was. The random plot twist here is that, due to some errors in Daru’s repairs on the time machine, Suzuha lost all of her memories when she went backwards in time. I don’t know how the heck a time machine destroyed her memories, but Suzuha didn’t recover them until more than 20 years later, which by that point she had completely failed her mission objective. In a fit of depression, she commits suicide after realizing she failed. That guilt-heavy letter that she wrote to Okabe made her seem outright insane in tone, and was really depressing to read.

What makes this episode even more depressing, though, is how Okabe decides to use a D-mail to allow Suzuha to go backwards in time when she was supposed to (back during that rainy night). In doing so, Okabe erased the memories of EVERYBODY around him about events past that rainy night. That includes all of the good memories the lab members had, such as the moment where Suzuha and Daru had a poignant reunion, Makise growing closer to Okabe, and so forth. This drastically changes up the dynamics of how things will go on from here on.

Amidst all of these saddening events, there was one positive occurrence; Mayuri now seems to be living beyond her fated time, which is weird considering how the divergence meter isn’t over 1%. At the same time, though, Mayuri’s safety leaves a sense of uneasiness as well. This episode is purposely vague on what the heck Okabe’s D-mail changed up, which really gets me nervous. Where is Christina? What happened to the time jump machine? Why did Mayuri not die? While the plot twists were a bit annoying, at the same time they did an amazing job of changing up the entire situation completely, and leaves me utterly dumbfounded as to what to expect from here on out. Just what in the world is going to happen from here now that Mayuri is seemingly safe?

Overall Enjoyment: 4.1/5

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Jul 122011

Episode 15 -

After all the intense episodes we’ve seen for the past few weeks, having a much more relaxed-in-tone, laid back episode was just the kind of break that was needed. However, just because things have returned to being more laid back doesn’t mean that the story hasn’t progressed at all. This calm episode had a very uneasy, tense feeling lingering in the atmosphere, which is obviously due to the rather risky trials that Okabe will probably face in the near future. Surprisingly, this episode touches back upon Suzuha’s search for her father, where we still have no idea who her father is (suspicions are a different story…). We do get some more insights into Suzuha as a character now that she no longer needs to hide anything from the lab members, which turned out to a good way at developing the “part-time warrior” a bit.

Continuing on the revelations revealed by Suzuha last week, she explains that in order for to access the beta world line, they need to prevent SERN from creating their own time machine. And, unsurprisingly, it ends up that SERN made their time machine because of them spying on Okabe and his group. What was a rather big twist here, though, was how SERN’s surveillance of the group was triggered by the very first D-mail that Okabe sent, the one that altered the world line and saved Christina from dying. This does make a bit curious as to what the original world line was, the one in which Christina was killed.

Interestingly enough, most of this episode was focused on Suzuha’s duties as both an agent trying to alter the future, as well as her search for her father. We finally get some confirmation as to why Suzuha was so wary of Christina, as well as why she had returned to the past. What I appreciated the most about this episode was how it explored Suzuha’s personality and history a bit, and as a result we got to know her a bit more. As of now, we’ve only known her as the silly “part-time warrior”, so seeing other aspects to her are rather enlightening in a sense. I do sincerey hope that she does manage to find her father, though my guess would be the likelihood of it happening is less than ideal.

What worries me the most here, though, is if all the effort the lab members are currently putting in will really change Mayuri’s fate and save her. We already know that Okabe has attempted to save her dozens of times, to no avail. Will Suzuha and her time travels manage to alter that? It’s tough to say how things will really proceed from here, considering how fickle the monster called “time travel” is. Throughout this episode, we are explicitly reminded of what is exactly at stake: Mayuri’s life. And it’s the high stakes here that keep this episode strangely tense at times, even when you know the characters are working like crazy to fight against her terrible fate.

Overall Enjoyment: 3.8/5

P.S. I forgot to mention, Okarin speaking in English was LOL funny. “Sonuvabitch”, man xD

Screenshots and video are later in the post.

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Jul 052011

Episode 14 -

This episode, in comparison to the previous two, was much more down to earth in a sense, and was a good way to finally get Okarin to calm down and push the plot forward in a proper manner. After all, the last thing I would want to see is an endless eight repeat, and see Mayushi die repeatedly. Unsurprisingly, there were a couple more new major revelations (or in Suzuha’s case, confirmations) that definitely perks more of my curiosity. What I’m really glad to see here is Makise finally getting back and involved into the main story again, and she ends up playing a pretty huge role in this episode. After the most recent events, though, I am glad this series hasn’t lost it’s sense of humor. I feel the humor provides a nice balance to all the gloomy seriousness of these recent episodes.

Of course, the biggest issue in the past two episodes has been Mayuri’s death, and how no matter what Okarin did, for some reason her death would always occur. Even when SERN wasn’t involved, she would somehow die by some other means. Okarin wasn’t approaching his problem rationally, which was definitely the huge roadblock to his attempts at saving Mayuri. At the same time, though, if I was in Okarin’s position, I would probably be going crazy and been outright depressed by this point.

With Okarin’s irratic actions and all, I really do appreciate the role Christina takes in this episode. She managed to both calm down Okarin, and bring a level-headed attitude to try and address the problem at hand. Her calm analysis of the situation is exactly what Okarin needed to try and figure out how to attack the problem. What I found particularly touching about the situation, though, is how Christina is now playing the role that Okarin was playing only a few episodes ago; where before Okarin tried his best to support Christina amidst her family issues, this time it’s Christina trying to cheer him up and support him. Although the two may act rather cold to each other at times, we’re seeing their relationship slowly progress as the story unfolds, and their relationship is being fleshed out in a lovely manner.

And of course, there was the major revelation with regards to Suzuha, where we finally get 100% confirmation that she is a time traveler. Her revelation as a time traveler (and as John Titor) makes everything that she was involved with before make a ton more sense, and not to mention, her improved explanation of the World Line concept makes the seemingly inescapable death of Mayuri make so much more sense. It seems that my speculation in my previous post were only partially correct, where a world line change was indeed necessary to alter Mayuri’s fate. The idea of a severe time shift to a entirely different set of possible world lines was a complete curveball I didn’t expect, but the conflict makes much more sense with that explanation.

As of now, this episode was the first where we finally see some rational thought being applied towards solving the issue with Mayuri’s death, and I have to say it was well handled. All the revelations here make perfect sense, and don’t contradict anything that’s happened earlier in the series; if anything, everything is much more understandable than before. One last little thing worth noting is that the values for the divergence meter, shown in this episode as 0.337187, have been popping up throughout the series so far. All those random numbers shown on screen after each D-mail all of a sudden makes a lot more sense.

Overall Enjoyment: 4.0/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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Jun 282011

Episode 13 -

This was a slightly less believable episode, but nonetheless pretty darn amazing. I say “unbelievable” because some of the events just feel completely random (such as Nae’s random tripping, or how Okarin conveniently escaped Moeka a second time). However, after thinking over the actual significance to some of the occurrences in this episode, dang, I have to say, everything hypothetically fits together almost perfectly. You really have to appreciate the amount of thought that the creators put into this story, and though it does have it’s minor conveniences, the story still ends up as quite the compelling human drama.

Okay, now for the big spoiler for this episode; Mayushi dies again, not once, but two more times for a grand total of three deaths. THREE TIMES. What makes this situation particularly peculiar is that it seems a bit too coincidental that Mayushi happens to die every time Okarin performs a time leap. Or is it really a coincidence….? Not something I’d usually do in a post, but time to talk some deduction and reasoning…

At first, my line of thought was along the lines of “as long as Mayushi runs into SERN agents, she will always be killed”. At least, that was my presumption after the second death, once again at the hands of Moeka. At this point, I figured that Okarin would simply have to prevent the “trigger event” from happening, which would lead up to Mayushi’s death. However, the third death throws a huge problem into this argument; I mean, Nae accidentally bumping Mayushi into the path of an oncoming train (once again resulting in her death) has absolutely no relation or involvement from SERN. To top things all off, if you paid attention, there is the odd little detail where it seems that Mayushii is always dying at roughly the same time of the day (20:00 of that particular day). This commonality is very suspicious, and not to mention, once again the stopwatch froze up before Mayushi’s death.

There is a strong implication here that there is another reason for Mayushi always dying. Perhaps it’s more along the lines of “fate”, where you can’t escape your inevitable time of death. Well wait, hang on, I do remember that Makise died once back in episode one. So if we follow the “fate” theory, why is she still alive now? When you break down the details, there is only one key difference between Makise’s case and Mayuri’s; Makise’s fate was changed by a D-mail, whereas Mayuri’s fate is being altered by an Okabe who time leaps. Now what the heck does that have to do with anything? I feel that there isn’t quite enough info yet for a solid conclusion.

Quite frankly, here is where I can only make a huge speculative guess. If I’m correct though, everything in this episode so far would no longer be mere coincidence, and make total sense. My guess here is that time leaping is different from using D-mails, mainly because Okarin’s “reading steiner” never kicks in during a time leap. In other words, the World Line never changes when Okarin time leaps. And, as Okarin vaguely mentioned in this very episode, the world line won’t change unless you do something radically different. The implication here is that, in this world line (timeline, w/e), Mayushi will ALWAYS die at around 20:00 of that day, no matter what. Whether it be through a fatal accident, or by SERN’s hands, or some other ridiculously random reason, the implication here is that Mayushi cannot escape her fate in this current timeline.

If my conclusion here is correct, this makes this episode all the more saddening and heartbreaking. Especially after the brief, poignant insight about how Mayushii became Okarin’s “hostage”, it’s terrible that Mayushi is currently stuck in this terrible loop of death. On top of all the deaths and time travel, this episode also did an amazing job with fleshing out and emphasizing Okarin’s relationship with Mayushi. The way in which this episode describes the bond of trust between the two, rooting all the way back to when they were together as children, was great. What was a nice part on the creators was how Mayushi was completely trusting of Okarin, and followed him around as asked. They have an admirable relationship, which this series so far seems to be threatening to tear apart.

Overall Enjoyment: 4.5/5

P.S. Part-time-warrior Suzuha redeemed herself in my eyes, and KICKED SOME SERN *** (excuse the language **coughcough**). Talk about the swift sneak attack, and not to mention, she turned on the 42″ TV downstairs, which enabled Makise to activate the time machine in the first place. My big question here, though, is how Suzuha even knew that the TV affected the time travel machine? I don’t remember Okarin telling her in particula, though maybe this is just my memory failing on me.

Screenshots are later in the post.

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Jun 212011

Episode 12 -

HAH, and here’s the episode I’ve been waiting for. After all of that buildup we’ve been seeing for this series, things have finally gotten really serious in Steins;Gate. Before, there was just a lot of ominous foreshadowing of something bad on the horizon, but now all that foreshadowing has actually led to a catastrophe. It’s really shame that the terrible event happened right after Okarin decides to give up time travel experiments to keep everybody around him safe, but the sudden turn of events really spiked up my anticipation for the rest of the series. The other major revelation at the end, where the spy from SERN was revealed, wasn’t really much of a surprise in comparison. I mean, I’ve been suspecting her for quite a while now, so it’s not really much of a curve ball. What was more of a curveball was what Ms. SERN spy actually did; oh man, back a few episodes ago where I wrote how things looked ominous(or at least ambiguous) for Mayushii, I wasn’t even sure how correct it was.

A majority of this episode was setup similar to how a typical Steins;gate episode has been set up until this point. The only major, and I mean major, difference is how Okarin pretty much isn’t acting like his usual self. It’s completely obvious that the most recent threatening text message he got is really making him paranoid. Thus, it came as a completely sudden, yet understandable, revelation when Okarin declared that they would stop time travel experimentation. I was just as surprised as Makise was, considering how normally Okarin would have went full charge with testing. Okarin, at this point, probably values everybody’s safety over some time travel experiments, so calling the experiments off was a good idea on his part. His usual “mado scientisto” antics really didn’t come back too much here, but it did keep parts of the episode lighthearted in tone.

We got the usual screentime with Okarin and Makise quarreling, Mayushi with her “tuturuu~” happy attitude, and the usual Suzuha vs Makise standoff. In between, we got some great relationship development moments between Okarin and Makise, where they are surprisingly honest with each other about how they value each other as companions. Of course, tsundere accusations quickly broke up the embarrassing atmosphere to the scene, but it was nice nonetheless. What was much more worrisome here were statements from two people, mainly Mayushi and Suzuha. Suzuha’s statements were pretty much dead giveaways at how she seems to be aware of future events, but what was most worrisome about her is how she suddenly evacuated from the lab as soon as she heard that Daru hacked the SERN database. I guess the idea that SERN hacked into the lab and was observing them may have been spot on, which makes a lot of sense.

In the end though, the biggest ominous warning here was when Mayushi talked to Okarin on the roof, where she was happy for him and said that she finally “no longer needs to be his hostage”. When I first heard her say that, I immediately got goosebumps and was expecting something to happen to her. And lo and behold, Moeka comes in dressed in a previously unseen outfit and armed with a pistol, and takes everybody hostage. Okarin, Makise, and Daru were all contributors to the time machine, so Moeka needed them alive. But Mayuri? Nope, she was extra baggage, which Moeka thought was enough reason to murder her in cold blood. Poor Mayuri!!! (x_x)

While Moeka’s reasoning for getting rid of the “baggage” makes some sense, obviously she wasn’t comfortable with pulling the trigger at first. It’s quite odd to see how she had to force herself to pull the trigger, all while saying “for FB, FB, FB…”. While I’ve never liked Moeka in this series, her actions do bring up a few questions. This is Moeka’s third or fourth time mentioning the term “FB” in this series, which probably means that FB is her superior or something. Now what role does, or will, this “FB” figure play in the story? I think “FB” will be much more important in the future, just because they keep mentioning the guy.

Considering how Okarin had JUST stopped his experiments for good so that everybody could be safe, go figure that the repercussions of his experiments come back to haunt him and murder Mayuri in the process. Obviously this event will turn out to have a huge impact on Okarin, and will almost definitely push him into using the time leap machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Okarin goes into shock for a while after what happened here. As to how he will solve this problem, for some reason I have a sneaking suspicion that simply going back in time and moving Mayuri away from the lab won’t solve the problem. This may not be the most honest way to speculate here, but with a whopping 12 or so episodes left, saving Mayuri must be a far more complicated process than I can currently imagine.

Overall Enjoyment: 4.5/5

P.S. Gah, darn cliffhangers =_=

Screenshots are later in the post.

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Jun 142011

Episode 11-

While this show is still in the buildup phase, oh boy was it better than usual. Usually, each episode left off on a “so something big will happen, but when…?” tone. This episode, on the contrary, felt like it just planted a ticking time bomb right in your face, just waiting to explode. At this point it’s completely obvious that something huge will happen in the next episode or two (though I have been saying this for a while now… =_=; ). There are a few very notable glaring facts that definitely point in that direction here, the most obvious ones being towards the end of the episode. The key is in the details, though, and there are a few that I am a bit suspicious of here. Surprisingly, there is much more character developments for the Okarin x Makise relationship, where it’s slowly becoming clear that the two are growing very close to each other. Aside from the explicit buildup here, though, this episode was pretty much similar to the previous few episodes; fun goofy comedy mixed in with Makise’s tsundere-ness and Okarin’s mado-scientisto shenanigans.

While the lack of Daru for most of this episode meant less pervy jokes, the Okarin x Makise jokes still always manage to maintain their charm. Well, to be honest, a lot of the jokes here are recycled to no end. What makes them funny, though, is not the jokes themselves, but the teasing nature of all the gags. Seeing Okarin and Makise tease each other in a battle to the death is surprisingly funny, and I’ve come to really like the charms to all of the characters in this series. I do appreciate how this series is trying to maintain some character development though, including that rather significant chat the two had on the slide in the playground. They’ve obviously come to care for each other quite a bit, even if they aren’t very honest about it.

Aside from the interactions between Makise and Okarin, though, the rest of the entire episode was pretty much just a huge foreboding warning at something major to come. Everything, from the more subtle conversation with Mayuri about time leaping, to the more blatant threatening text message to Okarin, is pointing towards some sort of major climax in the near future. Mayuri’s comments about how she feels time leaping is “lonely” is a rather subtle form of foreshadowing here, where it may be indicative that something will happen to her. This one is the most vague out of everything that happened, and it’s not quite clear if there will be any connection between her and what’s going on at all.

One of the two more obvious omens would be Moeka’s rather intensive questioning of Okarin after hearing the term “time leap”. The only other time Moeka paid so much attention to Okarin was when he told her he had a IBN5100, and that eventually ended up with her demanding to send a D-mail to the past (which altered the World Lines somehow too). This time, Okarin didn’t mention a IBN5100 at all, yet she was extremely interested about what he said. When Okarin said they’ve made a “time leaping” machine, why in the world was she so intently interesting in the first place? Does this mean she will take some sort of action again, just like she did with the whole D-mail fiasco? And does this mean she has some sort of major connection to what is going on? Moeka’s involvement here is smelling more and more suspicious, though I can’t quite come to any conclusions yet about her.

As for Suzuha, her offhand comment about Makise Kurisu being a “spy for SERN” does perk my curiosity. People don’t make comments for no random reason at all, which is why Suzuha’s comment sticks out like a sore thumb. Why did she feel the need to accuse Makise of such? She didn’t really have any sort of reason to say so. If Suzuha is indeed from the future, does this mean that Makise somehow gets involved with SERN later on? Will this eventually prove to be a problem? Suzuha’s words hold some malice towards Makise, which is hinting at Makise perhaps ending up as a villain (assuming SERN is an opposing organization, of course).

And obviously, the most blatant form of foreshadowing here would be that eerie text message that Okarin received. Coupled with the fact that SERN actually has hacked Daru’s PC, most likely it’s SERN that has been keeping an eye out on Okarin, which is really creepy all things considered. How did SERN find out about the Future Lab’s operations? And why did they send a text message to Okarin that was virtually a threat? This episode brings up a ton of questions, and foreshadows that some potentially crazy things will happen soon. I wonder what the future holds for our main cast here…?

Overall Enjoyment: 4.0/5

Screenshots are later in the post.

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