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Apr 092012

Episode 01-

Silver Link, the studio behind this series, is pretty much only really known for it’s comedy series (in particular, BakaTest). Thus, when I saw the serious-looking preview videos for Tasogare Otome, I was unsure as to whether Silver Link would be able to make a good series. Well, it seems that my worries were slightly misplaced, where this was very much a comedic introduction to the series. The episode was admittingly a bit clever with it’s comedy, though it could be said it’s a side effect of Silver Link trying to save on budget by reusing a ton of animation.

The overall tone to this episode actually feels as if a bunch of genres were thrown together. We have a lot of comedy, signs of fanservice, a growing harem, and the undertones of a serious mystery. Silver Link did a decent job with balancing these genres so far, but it remains to be seen if one aspect comes to dominate the show or not. The characters, unfortunately, encompass the same old stereotypes you would expect of anime, but nevertheless were entertaining to watch. Admittingly, they did get on my nerves at times (especially the hyperactive blonde girl), but never really enough to hamper the overall tone to the episode.

The undercurrent to the rather goofy joke-oriented atmosphere to this episode is a rather serious premise; Yuuko died on school grounds, became a ghost, and is currently suffering from memory loss. The mystery boils down to the unsolved nature to Yuuko’s death, and her subsequent corpse being hidden away underground somewhere (as was mentioned in the episode).  There is presumably a lot of backstory that this series has yet to cover, and it is uncertain as to whether this comedy-oriented atmosphere will work well for the overall story.

In the end, Tasogare Otome’s first episode actually makes me think of Sankarea’s premiere episode. The episode wasn’t particularly great, but it wasn’t necessarily bad either.  It had some decent comedy, it established the main premise, and it introduced the main cast. But outside from basic introduction, this episode doesn’t accomplish much of anything. It’s the next few episodes that will be crucial for this show,  where execution and story will be important in shaping what direction this show takes.

First Impressions: 5.5/10

Screenshots are later in the post.

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