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Jul 212010

OAD 01 – Today We Start Our Love – 今日、恋をはじめます (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu)

Well, color me surprised about this OAD (Original Animation DVD). Little did I expect that this twenty or so minute episode would turn out pretty decent.

The actual animation quality wasn’t great in any sort of way, but whoever directed this episode deserves kudos for the portrayal of the scenes in this episode. Quite frankly, the pace at which the scenes change, along with the well spaced out still shots, really helps you get more immersed into the whole storyline. The characters themselves are nothing but generic shoujo characters, but the romantic tension in the air throughout parts of the story was seriously intense. The music meshes almost perfectly with the actual scenery and events occurring in this OAD, which really helped produce wonderfully intense scenes with quite a bit of emotional impact.

The flaw to this OAD would be that it skips straight to when the main protagonists start their relationship. Gone are the scenes that build up to this climax, such as the “hair cutting at the school opening cermony” scene, and other relationship building background that would be essential for to understand why they’ve gotten together now. I was confused right away when the main girl first said towards the beginning of the episode that she hated Tsubaki (the main guy protagonist), and only a minute or two later (episode time wise) she says she confessed to him and got rejected. I literally paused the episode and went “HUH?????”, and double checked to make sure I didn’t skip part of the episode by accident or something.

I have no idea as to how good the original source material (the manga) is, primarily because this OAD focuses on a small part of the overall storyline. However, this OAD was excellent at creating a great mood, along with some intense romantic scenes.

Overall Rating: 8.25/10

Production Quality: 8.75/10

Characters: 7.75/10

Story: 7.75/10

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10

Screenshots are later in the post. Ending theme (ED) uploaded, now later in the post. Just a note, there is no OP theme.

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