March 21st, 2011

Apps Lab & Emory Logo

Apps Lab @ Emory is an initiative designed to provide a way for faculty and students to evaluate apps for mobile devices that have potential value for teaching, research, and learning.

A recent cover story in Wired suggests that the “Web is dead” and that the future lies with “simpler, sleeker services — think apps.” As apps become more critical for the general populace they also become so for faculty and students. Yet it can be difficult to know which of the hundreds of apps aimed at these audiences are best suited to an individual’s needs.

While some apps have “Lite” or “Free” versions, the features that come with a full version cannot be tested prior to purchase. The Apps Lab @ Emory provides faculty and students an opportunity to test and evaluate apps so that they can make an informed purchase for their own devices.

In addition to reading reviews that share our insights into selected apps, Emory faculty, staff and students can get hands-on access to all the apps that are evaluated by going to Emory’s Center for Interactive Teaching (ECIT). While in ECIT, you can check out one of two iPads and explore all of the apps that have been tested in the Apps Lab @ Emory.

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