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Thanksgiving Spanish Style

2012 November 19
Spanish Cuisine

by Julia Prochazka, CIPA Peer Advisor

As Thanksgiving approaches I find myself thinking of all my favorite foods.  Of course mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing come to mind, but also I dream of the delicacies I ate in Salamanca, Spain.  My host mom made every lunch like it was a Thanksgiving feast with three courses and ample servings.  Her lentil soup always warmed me up from the blustery January days in Salamanca.  From patatas bravas to jamon to leche frito each meal was an adventure for my taste buds, introducing me to a new cuisine I had never tried before. Meals were a time for talking and learning from one another and eating until my pants became too tight. Once I returned home I craved my host mom’s cooking and company. Now I hope for a Thanksgiving with the traditional American grub, but also with some delicacies from my time abroad.  I will spend time with my own family, but I hope to bring a little bit of Spain into the meal. I requested not only pie, but also chocolate con churros for dessert.  Spain became a part of me in the six months I lived there and my dinner plate serves as a reminder.

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