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Vega concert a hit at the law school

February 18th, 2010

We received the following comments from someone at the law school and wanted to share it here. We also hope it encourages more people to drop us a note about artistic events — or moments — that enliven the Emory community.

I’m writing today to tell you about the WONDERFUL concert we had yesterday at the law school, by the Vega Quartet.  As you may know, they are doing a series of onsite concerts at the professional schools:  Bach at the B-School, Mozart at the Med School, and yesterday was Ludwig at the Law School!  It was just great and drew a large crowd of students, faculty and staff.

The quartet performed in one of the large open areas on the ground floor of the law school, where many students passing by could stop and listen.  They played beautifully but also explained each piece so well.

The law school community got a lot out of the Vega Quartet’s ability and willingness to come to us and bring us their beautiful music, especially as it is so hard to get law students to leave the building.  They always feel so time-pressured, and this was a great stress-buster for all of us.

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