Apr 112012

Hey guys,

I hope you guys are continuing to enjoy the spring weather in Atlanta and slowly getting ready for the final exams or the commemoration day if you’re a graduating senior.

Anyway, this week’s meeting will be no different from our usual meeting except it’ll beĀ featuring new shows that are continuations from the first season and I think a lot of you will find them familiar.

Regarding the next week’s meeting, which will be our last weekly meeting before the Lock-in on April 28th, we’ll be showcasing around 8 new shows that just came out steaming hot in Japan in this spring season. Since it will be a extra-long meeting from 7PM to 10PM, we’ll providing you some free food. Anyway, we’ll reveal more information about this event in this week’s meeting, so make sure to attend it, if you can!

See you guys on Thursday.

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