Nov 092013

Come join us for our horribad anime event, where we watch anime that’s so bad, so cringeworthy, that you laugh! We’re holding it at the Math and Science center, room N302 tonight (November 9, 2013) at 7PM!

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Sep 262013

Hey everybody, our 4th anime club meeting will be at a different room tonight, Whitehall 103. Please make sure you keep this in mind, in Whitehall 101 there will be an exam going on from 6-9PM. The meeting time is the usual 8-10PM, feel free to drop by and say hi.

As for those that are going to  AWA, Ticket pickups are tonight after the club meeting. Make sure you come pick up your tickets, pay for hotel, etc.

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Sep 022013

Hey everybody, welcome back to all you returning upperclassmen, and welcome to all the new freshmen on campus. For all you guys that want to check out our club, the first Anime Club meeting will be on Thursday,  September 5th from 8-10PM. The meeting room will be Whitehall 101, and is open to the public (so non-Club members are free to attend as well). There we will be watching some great anime, as well as have optional signups for Anime Weekend Atlanta (henceforth referred to as AWA) available.

For those that are unfamiliar with AWA, it is an Anime Convention. Generally speaking, at AWA fans can see and meet other anime fans cosplaying as their favorite characters, see panels that give insights into the anime industry, watch exclusive US premieres, shop for anime goods at the dealers room, and various other anime-related activities. You can get a detailed overview at AWA itself will be from September 27th to 29th, and we will be able to provide subsidized hotel and ticket costs.

If you are interested in attending AWA, please MAKE SURE that you can go before you buy a ticket from us. AKA Double check and make sure that it doesn’t overlap with any tests or other important events. While we don’t have an exact cost yet, we estimate that costs for tickets will be around $25, and for hotel to be around $25-30. We will announce more details at the upcoming meeting, but please, if you are interested, do tell us at the club meeting (or even better, email us in advance at emoryanime(AT)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or email us. Hope to see you guys soon!

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Feb 272013

Hey everybody, usual  meeting at Whitehall 101 from 8-10PM this Thurs (2/28)

We will be having our weekly meeting as usual, but with some brownies! Although these are not celebrating getting 15 people to vote on the mascot contest, they are to celebrate the birthdays of Mahmood our Club President and Jeff a club member who have had their birthdays recently. And if we missed anyone else, BROWNIES!

So if you haven’t voted for our club mascot, please do! We value all your opinions =)

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Oct 252012

Our meeting is, different from usual, from 7-10PM at Whitehall 101 this Thursday (10/25). And this week we won’t be announcing any voting results because every show is new! We’re bringing all the brand new Fall season shows, and you guys get to pick which to watch. There will be food and drinks, so be sure to come.

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