Student Spotlight: Brittany Fields

Name: Brittany Fields
Hometown: Lansing, MI
Major(s): Spanish & LACS (Latin American & Caribbean Studies)/Pre-Med
Cultural Background: Black, honorary Afro-Peruvian
Class Year: 2013


Tell us about yourself: I’m from Lansing, Michigan, essentially the home of the Michigan State Spartans. GO GREEN! I live with my parents and my 6-year-old mini-me, Lilly. I love to travel, and I recently discovered my love for cooking. I wouldn’t call myself a master chef just yet, but at least what I make is edible. My minor goal in life is to become a trauma/acute care surgeon in some great, urban city, but I also would love to practice medicine internationally. My major goal in life is to have my own show on HGTV. I also wouldn’t mind making a guest appearance on House Hunters International when I’m searching for a home abroad. I’ve been involved with many organizations at Emory over the past four years, but Crossroads definitely took up the majority of my time and was the most dear to my heart. My most recent project involves volunteering with Emory’s Volunteer Medical Interpreting Services and also serving as a Global Ambassador for Study Abroad through IFSA-Butler. I studied abroad last semester in Peru, where I visited Machu Picchu, climbed a few mountains, played the cajón, kissed a llama, and ate someone’s pet guinea pig. How’s that for culture? Now I’m on a mission to make every Emory student go abroad….or at least that’s what I’m getting paid to do. So…STUDY ABROAD!


How and when did you first become interested in your field of study? I have always known that I wanted to go to medical school, so being Pre-Med was a given for me. I initially thought I would be a Psych major and a Spanish minor, but I quickly realized that Psychology just wasn’t for me. So then I was left major-less, and my potential Spanish minor quickly became a definite Spanish major. After taking an intro LACS class with Professor Gutierrez and volunteering as an ESL assistant as part of the course, I realized that I also enjoyed learning more about Hispanic/Latino culture and not just the language. It was refreshing to pursue an interest outside of the required science courses for Pre-Med, and I’ve done everything I could to marry my varied interests during my academic career.


Why did you choose Emory and what do you enjoy most about Emory? I fell in love with Emory while participating here in a summer program called the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine during my sophomore year of high school, and I instantly knew that this was the place for me. There was just something about learning Soulja Boy’s “Superman” dance on the DUC Terraces that screamed, “You’re definitely coming here!” What I love most about Emory is the broad variety of opportunities for students to pursue their passions and their dreams. There are so many opportunities for students to take advantage of, and if some type of program doesn’t already exist, there is always someone to help make it happen. I feel like there’s a place for everyone at Emory, no matter who one is or what one is into. It’s really just a matter of finding one’s own niche.


Why did you choose to get involved in OMPS and what do you like most about the office? I first became involved with OMPS after attending the Crossroads Retreat as a freshman. Since Crossroads was my first interaction with Emory students and staff, I latched on and never let go. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and I’m still coming to terms with having to graduate and leave OMPS behind. From Day 1, I’ve felt that the OMPS staff and students were genuinely concerned with my well-being and my success as an individual. OMPS is a family, and it opens its doors to everyone. The best part about the office, though, is the endless supply of snacks. I guess the fact that OMPS encourages everyone to be the best person they are today and to strive to be a better person tomorrow is pretty awesome too.

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