Student Spotlight: Ruben Diaz

Name: Ruben Diaz
Hometown: Roswell, NM
Major(s): Anthropology and Human Biology; French Studies Minor
Cultural Background: Mexican-American
Class Year: 13C


Tell us about yourself: I consider myself an unconventional artist. Theater, music and poetry are my preferred vehicles for self-expression, but I believe art transcends the traditional visual and performance framework. There is an art to living a good life. Every new day is a new phase of the ongoing art project of life. As long as I’m alive, I strive to make a masterpiece of my destiny.


How and when did you first become interested in your field of study? It took me about two years to decide Anthropology was the right fit. I’ve always been interested in cultural immersion and understanding humanity on a deeper level, but the choice of major was particularly difficult given my broad interests. The class that settled my decision was Medical Anthropology as this course changed my entire perspective on medicine and, ultimately, led to my change of heart in continuing the pre-med route. The insight gained from my Anthropology courses in combination with my extracurricular service work sparked an interest in social justice and education. I am now preparing to graduate Emory and join the Teach For America corps to pursue my newfound passion in hopes of making a significant impact in the lives of underprivileged youth.


Why did you choose Emory and what do you enjoy most about Emory? Emory was not, at first, the obvious choice for me but, rather, another prestigious school on the list of options on my scholarship application. I was absolutely thrilled when I learned of my acceptance, but it wasn’t until my arrival that I realized how fortunate I truly was. Emory has given me such an all-encompassing experience through which I was able to thrive and gain a breadth of knowledge. What I have enjoyed most as an Emory student is the privilege of agency to personalize my college experience with the support of a broad range of campus resources.


Why did you choose to get involved in OMPS and what do you like most about the office? OMPS has been a pivotal and transformative aspect of my undergraduate career since I first encountered their programming as a participant of the Crossroads freshman retreat. I chose to continue my involvement because the values of the office resonated deeply with my personal interests. What I have enjoyed most about visiting the office is building relationships with the staff. Over the years, they have given me a wealth of insight, guidance and support that has positively influenced every aspect of my time at Emory.

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