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Then and Now: Looking at Current Fiscal Challenges in the U.S.

2012 September 21

In his talk entitled “Constitutional Moments,” Prof. Michael Greve of George Mason University School of Law considers the current fiscal challenges facing the United States and reflects on the similarities and differences between our current situation and the crisis of the 1780′s that led to the major institutional changes embodied in the U.S. Constitution (September 19, 2012).

His talk was sponsored by the Emory Williams Lecture Series in the Liberal Arts, which is offered in conjunction with the Voluntary Core Curriculum Program in Emory College, and the Jack Miller Center as a Constitution Day event.

The Emory Williams Lecture Series in the Liberal Arts has been made possible by a generous gift from Mr. Emory Williams (Emory College ’32 and Trustee Emeritus, Emory University).

Listen to audio version on iTunesU

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